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We are experts at using paid search, social & display advertising channels as powerful tools for the growth of our clients. Start improving your return on investment in digital marketing today!

Why Us?

We clear the noise of what it means to work with a digital agency, focusing our time and yours on what matters most to your business – positive return on ad spend. Whether you’re seeking an evolution in your existing online strategy or considering digital channels for the first time, Clix can provide a clear path to success and better PPC performance. Get to know us better.

Paid Search, Social, and Display
Ad Management & Consultation

Paid Search

Paid search, as potentially the most intent-based segment of digital marketing, continues to grow rapidly. There are more consumers engaging online for service research purchases; and more businesses enter the advertising marketplace every day to compete for the attention of those customers. This means producing awesome results in paid search can be difficult, but the Clix team can help.

Paid Social

As B2B and B2C businesses analyze key audience personas, paid social advertising can act as highly targeted and tailored brand exposure – where customers are engaging with new companies the most. Whether you need to leverage social to generate direct leads or to build up your fan base, Clix has the strategy & experience to diversify your digital marketing efforts in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & more.


The digital marketing world’s version of billboards – display advertising! Especially if your brand is entirely online, display ads become a crucial piece of the venn diagram of channels that go into producing a lead or sale. The expertise from Clix comes in with proper placement selection and skill creative recommendations to maximize actual results from display ads, not just lost budget.

Who We Work With

Party! innovations
Dog-On-It Parks

Marketing Departments

Have an internal team but need a little guidance on strategy or expansion? We’re happy to support in-house, full or part-time.

Businesses of Every Size

Not sure where to start? We offer full-service ad management for small, medium, and large companies.

Creative Agencies

Looking to outsource ads so you can stay in your zone of genius? Learn more about our white-label services.

What Our Clients are Saying

“Clix Marketing has been responsible for managing my PPC for a couple of years now. From the time I first started working with Clix, I have been working with the same account executive. I truly appreciate this continuity. I feel very confident that Clix is doing a great job managing my ad campaigns. I never feel that I’m wasting money on advertising. I know that Clix is looking out for me and that they keep a close eye on my account. They are always tweaking the ads and the keywords and making ongoing adjustments depending on the season and current trends within my industry. I see myself working with Clix for a long time. I know that they are one of the best and most honorable organizations in this field. I would feel extremely confident recommending their services to any size company.”

Jeff Sadowsky
Owner, Party Innovations

“Clix was referred to us, and we have happily passed their info on to other companies as well. Everyone we’ve had the pleasure of working with at Clix is knowledgeable, friendly and helps us navigate the often confusing waters of PPC. Highly recommended!”

Nora VendenBerge
Sales & Marketing Manager, Dog-ON-It-Parks

“One of the things that has kept us working with the Clix team for so long is their flexibility. When our internal resources have fluctuated, they’ve been ready and willing to meet & work with us off-schedule to come up with a plan for success. Clix has been Radware’s agency for almost three years and they’ve been truly invaluable to us in that time.”

Deb Szajngarten
Director of Reach Marketing, Radware

“Paid digital marketing changes so much, it can be very simple for a company’s accounts to become too complex to function as they were originally intended. Clix has consistently kept focus on how to expand on our behalf, while also looking at efficiency and mindfulness with our budget and marketing investment.”

Adam Goldfain

“Clix has helped SLAM adjust our digital advertising strategy to reach our target audience across platforms and at scale. We were looking for a partner that could help us scale our growing eCommerce business while also protecting the rich history of the SLAM brand. Clix met that expectation quickly, driving improvements in ROI and also significantly improving the reporting and insights being funneled back into the business.”

David Schnur - President

“I have worked with Clix for over two years in multiple capacities in my digital marketing career at Sprout Social, and it is always a wonderful experience! The Clix team is intelligent, thorough, and dedicated – overall great to work with. I know I can trust them to get the job done and deliver results. We have a valuable partnership that I truly appreciate.”

Shelby Cunningham
Sprout Social

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The Clix team is dedicated to driving innovation in paid digital marketing! Our folks are known thought-leaders who speak regularly at conferences and are featured as experts in major industry publications. We also produce our own blog with 2-3 new articles weekly to further educate paid media professionals of all experience levels. Get to know us better, and check out some of our stuff below!

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