2 Must Test Facebook Ad Initiatives

Insert standard sentence about Facebook growing and us not being able to ignore it. As search marketers we all know Facebook is kind of a big deal, and the majority of us leverage it very heavily for lead generation. So, with that out of the way, let’s take a look at 2 initiatives you need to be doing within Facebook!

1. Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences essentially allows you to target users via email, phone, or addresses. Amazing, right?! This opens up endless amounts of opportunity within Facebook, whether it is direct promotion to those targets or cross selling to other areas of your business.

Start by accessing your admin level account in Power Editor and downloading the selected account.


From there you will begin to create your custom audience and upload your CSV or .txt file of email, phone, or address targets. You can find the create audience button below:


Good tip is to make sure you have formatted the list (email, phone #’s, addresses) correctly, otherwise you could compromise upload accuracies. For example, a simple space may end Facebook’s assessment of your data column. You will also need to name your custom audience within Editor:


Additionally, Power Editor makes it very simple to add, remove, and delete audience users. Depending on your specific industry, you can also opt into the traditional targeting parameters to really hone in on the audience.

2. Look-Alike Audiences

This is a very similar initiative to Custom Audiences, and is actually housed similarly. The difference is the system then takes your uploaded list and creates parallel clusters that can drive additional actions: lead form submission, purchase, etc. To start, you create a custom audience (as mentioned above) and add the layer of Similar Audiences:


Setting for Similarity will find approximately 1-2 million people that are most similar to your custom audience, and Greater Reach will find 8-9 million. The audiences can be run with at least 5,000 users, but Facebook recommends a list size of at least 30,000.

This initiative works especially well with creating like clusters around already converted users, much the same way as Remarketing.