8 Posts To Save You Time This Holiday Season

Happy holidays …err.. happy holiday season! If you’re reading this, it means you’ve already made it through Black Friday and you are about thigh-high in Cyber son of a nutcrackerMonday. While your non-marketer friends are holly-jolly about sales, you might be wishing that you had a workshop full of elves to do your bidding – literally. We can’t help you with the elves but we can help you to make your time go further. Here’s a list of posts to help you make it through the rest of the holiday season, sanity and all.

Stay Jolly With The Holiday Season Kick-Off  : The title speaks for itself. This post has tips for boosting efficiency, managing promotions, and even a few suggestions for targeting the your customers most effectively.

Excel Efficiency Tips: Excel is where it’s at. Save time by taking advantage of these helpful shortcuts and formulas. You’ll be amazed at how much faster you can work.  The bottom line: you’re already working harder, let Excel help you work smarter.

PPC Productivity Tips: Check out this post to read some of Clix’s top productivity tips. These tips will help make sure you’re firing on all cylinders, especially around the holidays.happiest christmas

The Three D’s of PPC Efficiency:  Save yourself time by following this guide on which tasks can be done, delegated, and deferred. Prioritization is key to a stress-free holiday marketing plan!

5 Ways to Use Labels for Campaign Management: When it comes to changing out promotions and performing quick analyses, labels are at the heart of it all. Find out how you can be using labels to power your tasks and save yourself time.

5 Blog Posts to Use Excel In New Ways This is a round-up within a round-up.  Check out these five blogs for step-by-step instructions on how to use the correlation function; Bing Ads Intelligence; Left, Right, and Proper functions; macros; and download a free campaign build template. If all of those goodies don’t make you more efficient, I don’t know what will!

4 Automated Rules You Should be Using  While we don’t ever recommend ‘setting and forgetting’ things, there are plenty of things that you can automate to make your life easier. Just be sure to preview your rules and to check in on the results. This will give you more time to do the things that need to be done by hand.

Getting Started with AdWords Scripts: You can do so much with AdWords scripts. If you aren’t using them yet, you’re missing out. Check out this post for ways to integrate them into your account!haha I did it

There you have it, folks! 8 blog posts to help you save time (and stress) this holiday season. There’s no doubt that you’ll be feeling very accomplished by the time the new year rolls around!

Have any efficiency tips or blogs to add? We’d love to hear them in the comments section!