9 Tips to Maximize Your Relationship with Google and Bing Agency Reps


For the majority of us working in an agency setting, reps from Google AdWords and Bing Ads are nothing new. There are plenty of pieces out there about the evolution of agency reps and changing levels of support from those reps, but this is not one of those pieces. We’ve come to find that agency reps will come and go, but they’re (most likely) always going to be around, so why not work to maximize those relationships? Below are Clix’s top tips for working best with your agency reps.

Help Them Help You

The long and short of it is that agency reps are here to help. They might not always give the advice you want, but that isn’t always a short coming of them. Give them all the info they need to help you succeed.

  • Give direction: Do you need help implementing changes, reviewing account opportunities, staying on top of betas, all of the above? Let them know what you’re looking for and what accounts you’re looking for it on and they’ll be better able to get you want you want.
  • Give context to account decisions: It’s really difficult to help/give guidance or suggestions when you don’t know the background of accounts. It’s the same when a new client joins your book of business. You need the account history and the outcomes of past decisions to know where to guide the account moving forward.

Leverage Their Strong Suits

One of the best things about agency reps is their access to information we cannot get on our own. This isn’t a new concept. They know they’re the gatekeepers on some of these things and want to share them with you.

  • Ask about industry level reporting: Reach out to them for industry information that isn’t otherwise accessible. They can provide helpful benchmarks to provide context on trends.
  • Take advantage of their available data resources: Google and Bing stockpile case studies, infographics, research and PowerPoint slides that can help round out your arsenal. Whether you’re looking to pitch to a new client or suggest a test to an existing client, it never hurts to have data at the ready, especially if it’s already professionally formatted.
  • Reach out about beta opportunities:  If you’re interested in testing new tactics and products (and you should be!) don’t hesitate to reach out to your reps to see what your options are. Chances are they can get you whitelisted if there’s a beta you’d like to join.

Pay Attention to Communication

As a client manager, we all know that relationships begin to weaken once communication consistency wanes. The same is true for your relationship with your agency rep.

  • Keep regular communication schedules: creating and keeping consistency with discussions is key to making sure all parties are making progress. Remember this is a 2-way street. You will get back what you give.
  • Have face to face meetings whenever possible: Whether they’re in your neck of the woods or you’re in theirs, if it’s easy to swing by and have a quick meeting, we’ve always found it benefits the relationship greatly.
  • Work through agendas ahead of time: Depending on everyone’s workflow, meetings with your agency reps can vary widely in format and topics from call to call.
  • Give plenty of lead time: When working with an agency rep on some of those fun reports we mentioned earlier, it’s important to give as much lead time as you can. In short, treat them the way you wish your clients would treat you.

No matter if your agency rep is the best you’ve ever had or leaves something to be desired, follow these tips to help strengthen and maximize your relationship.

What are your tips for working well with your agency reps? Share with us in the comments!