Advanced Remarketing Tips from PPC Pros

In 2018, we ran a series that was a deep-dive into retargeting for every channel.

This year, we’re back with our favorite remarketing tips.

What Are Your Favorite Remarketing Tactics?

Michelle Morgan

Utilizing CRM lists to move users to later stages of the lead gen funnel or upselling.

In lead gen, you don’t make money on the lead itself (unless you’re an aggregator). We have to continue to work with leads to move them through to MQL, SQL, Opportunity, and eventually Customer. Using lists from your CRM based on buyer stage allows you to speak to that person directly in ad copy and help your sales team move them to the next stage.

The same goes for upselling. Say you have a group of people on the base model of your product but you want to move them to a premium solution. Export that list of users to your ad channels and target them with messaging around the benefits of the premium model. Let them know what they’re missing out on by sticking with the base version.

Both strategies rely on the same marketing tactics and are only helping to drive more revenue for your company.

Joe Martinez

Creating remarketing lists based off of user interactions and events instead of page visits.

This will allow advertisers to change the ad message to better connect with the user and speak to the actions they have previously performed on your site or landing pages.

Kristin Palmer

RLSA using broad match and/or shorter tail keywords to capture visitors who have been to your site who are back in the search market.

They could be looking for the same product again or maybe looking for a similar product and just need the reminder of your offerings. Since they already have had a touchpoint with you, you can be “looser” with your keywords to throw a wider keyword net. I’m currently using this to cross-sell products for an e-commerce client and the CPAs are really low.

Tim Jensen

Use remarketing for exclusions to make sure irrelevant people aren’t seeing your ads.

Examples include Careers page visitors (probably job seekers), existing customers, and those who already submitted a sales lead. You can also use this tactic to ensure targeting is properly segmented toward the right audience when promoting multiple products or services. For instance, if you offer both B2C and B2B services, exclude the people who visited B2B-related pages in your B2C campaign.

Andrea Taylor

One of my favorite tactics is cross-channel remarketing.

In the case of B2B advertisers who are seeing rising costs in LinkedIn, creating cross-channel audiences can allow you to reach those same users in Google, Bing and Facebook. Since we often see lower CPCs (and CPAs) in these other three channels, it’s much more cost-efficient than remarketing to users in LinkedIn itself. It also allows you to stay top-of-mind throughout the buyer journey.

What are your favorite tactics? We’d love to hear about this in the comments!