AdWords May Ignore Your Call Tracking Numbers Starting January 19th


If you’re running location extensions along with call extension using a tracking number in AdWords, you need to pay close attention. A recent email posted by Rachel King (@rachelking237) on Twitter seems to indicate that Google is going to be messing with you call tracking:

The first paragraph states that “when your ads show a business location, calls may be directed to the phone number associated with that business location – even if a different phone number is used in your call extension.” This is a PROBLEM.

Most AdWords advertisers are using tracking phone numbers with their call extensions to get correct attribution for phone calls. Google My Business listings are required to show the same phone number that is shown on the website. Therefore, this change would display the general phone number with paid clicks and break tracking/attribution.

While it sounds like there will be an opt-out form, this is an example of Google making things harder on their best advertisers. And given that there hasn’t yet been an official post from AdWords, it’s on very short notice.