Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC News & Views: Friday, April 9, 2021

Hello and happy Friday, folks! Enjoy this week’s edition of #PPC News & Views, and let us know if you’re spotting new resources we could include and send them to us in the comments section!

From the Experts


What is ROAS? How to Maximize Your Return on Ad Spend: A post that covers the what, why and how of return on ad spend, plus some tips on how to improve it in your campaigns over time.


Understanding Google Ads Impression Share: Check out this article on how to use impression share to help understand the competitive landscape for your accounts!

Product Page Headlines Drive Conversions: Learn how to leverage a more creative headline to grab shoppers’ attention when your product’s name isn’t engaging enough on your landing pages.

PPC Hero

Complete Guide To Writing Posts That Convert Into Clients: Creating high-quality content is a high priority for many advertisers, but it requires a lot of attention to detail and nuance. This post helps provide a little inspiration and guidance!

Search Engine Journal

Microsoft Ads Rolls Out a Slew of New Features: Microsoft Ads has announced several new features. Here’s a quick summary of the latest from the engine!

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Ads: Ad Types, Specs & Strategy: Learn how to leverage Pinterest video, shopping & retargeting ads to help reach a whole new audience.

How To Use Promotion Extensions in Google Ads Campaigns: Promotion extensions are specifically designed to promote special sale events, but are often overlooked. Use this post to reignite your interest and utilization of the undervalued extension!

10 Tips for a Fresh Start After a Google Ads Account Takeover: Have you landed a new account? Use these 10 tips to clean up after a takeover and start off on the right foot.

Social Media Examiner

How to Optimize Your Instagram Ads Creative: Do you run the same ad creative on Facebook & Instagram? That may be part of what’s standing in the way of your account performance. Grab a few tips from this post and see if you can adjust your strategy!

Search Engine Land

Google Ads’ continuous audience sharing is now available from sub-accounts: Google announced expansions to their continuous audience sharing feature this week, allowing existing lists created in sub-accounts to be automatically shared with manager accounts.

The concerning future of the resilient keyword: It may be time to rethink the role of the PPC keyword based on changes in user search behavior.

From the Engines


Ad Targeting on LinkedIn Made Easy With 5 Helpful Tips


Introducing Dynamic Ads for Streaming on Facebook


Video experiments boost creative performance on YouTube

Privacy-first web advertising: a measurement update


Ethical advertising: Protect your brand and customer trust

What is native advertising?


[UPDATED] Getting Started on Quora Ads

From the Clix Team

Microsoft Ads Suggested Ad Copy by Bethany Bey

How to Expand to New PPC Ad Channels by Abby Woodcock