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How to Increase Facebook Engagement: Performance-based marketers typically focus on high-intent interactions coming from Facebook content like clicks and purchases off-platform. It’s a mistake, however, to ignore standard Facebook engagement such as likes, comments, and shares.

Google Ads Attribution Models – Which Is Right For Your Campaign: So, what kind of Google Ads attribution models are there? Which is best for a given goal? And… what are they in the first place? This post provides those answers and more!

15 Call To Action Examples (and How to Write the Perfect CTA): According to eMarketer, US social network ad spending is expected to approach $49 billion in 2021. Marketers spend on ads, and they spend a lot. With that much at stake, you’re not the only one who sometimes gets stuck for ideas for the winning CTA for your ads. If you’re looking for inspiration, then the below list is for you!

PPC Hero

Optimizing Facebook Creatives for iOS 14: This PPC Hero guest poster will explain to you in detail how ad marketers can overcome the issues that are currently happening in the ad market, particularly when it comes to creative.

Best Practices to Maximize Connected TV Advertising: As more people cut cable and satellite, the need for connected TV advertising becomes essential to a brand’s overall media strategy. While traditional TV campaigns are still relevant to increasing your reach, connected TV ads allow for real-time optimizations and more targeting opportunities. 

Amazon PPC – How To Get The Best On Budget: Amazon is one of the largest digital marketplaces for online retailers in the world. This platform also offers marketing and advertising services for both vendors and sellers. Amazon advertising services might be exactly the right thing that meets your brand’s needs due to its vast audience and experience.

Search Engine Journal

Get to Know the Microsoft Ads Audience Network: Microsoft Advertising’s Audience Network is a hidden gem that brings a lot of value and programmatic offerings. This article gives you all you need to know.

Try This PPC Strategy for Protecting & Building Your Brand: Learn how to expand your PPC program to find new audiences, build your brand, and future-proof your business.

Social Media Examiner

2021 Social Media Marketing Industry Report: Social Media Examiner’s 13th annual social media study surveyed more than 4,300 marketers who reveal details you won’t find anywhere else!

Facebook Retargeting Campaigns – Improving Your Sales: Want to increase conversions with your Facebook ads? Wondering how to get better results from ad retargeting in the channel? In this article, you’ll learn how to sell more with Facebook retargeting campaigns!


How to Save Money With Facebook A/B Testing – No Matter Your Budget: Whether you have one dollar or thousands of dollars to spend per day on your Facebook ads, keeping costs low by serving great ads is the name of the game. But what you think is a great ad may not actually be the greatest ad. With A/B testing, you can systematically nail down what the data says is the perfect ad for your audience.

How to Set Up Ad Scheduling RIGHT (+ the Finer Details You Need to Know): If you’re a small business in a large digital advertising space, then you know there’s one constant mantra in making your PPC work: Every. Penny. Counts! That’s right, if you want to thrive in PPC advertising, you need to stretch that budget of yours as far as you can.

7 Inspiring Post-COVID Marketing Ideas (+ Real Examples!): Things really are starting to come alive this time around, and your business (and customers) should be too. Check out this post covering seven ways to prepare for and leverage the positive changes to come, according to top digital marketing experts across a variety of industries.

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