Democratization of Video Advertising [Clix Speakers Series]

The team at Clix is well known for their industry-leading expertise, and the drive to help share that knowledge with fellow marketers is simply in our DNA. We’ll be highlighting upcoming speaking engagements or other interactive opportunities where you can catch up with our folks in our Clix Speakers Series – so stay tuned here for more events like this one!

Our Director of Sales, Kayla Kurtz, is heading to (hopefully) sunny Hollywood, California to speak at an event focused on driving local businesses to greater heights – Localogy!

Localogy is a registered not-for-profit trade association that re-invests 100% of profits back into growing the Local marketplace for members and the businesses they support, providing unbiased insights to attendees. Their membership ecosystem is made up of technology providers, media & marketing professionals, and multi-location brand representatives who come together for two days to learn and network. 

This year’s event is obviously a bit unprecedented, but the Localogy team is building an agenda to help business owners and marketers achieve great things as we head into 2022. Some sessions cover topics like customer engagement and workplace communication, to leadership roundtables and general local business Q&A discussions. 

You still have time to grab a ticket and join in on the stacked two days the Localogy team has planned, including Kayla’s session on Tuesday, September 21st with Jonathan Mellinger, COO of BrkThru Digital. The presentation run down from the pair offers a multitude of important topics on video advertising: 

Video, video, everywhere. The availability of video networks and DIY creator tools is nearly endless, creating both opportunity and noise in the marketplace. We’ll hear from video advertising experts, creatives, platforms and agencies on how to break through the rush to video and find success among what’s new and what’s next.

I’m usually on the other side of this Q&A, so I jumped at the chance to ask the questions this time and learn a bit more about Kayla’s session, the event, and what she’s looking forward to most. Here’s what she had to say: 

Q1 – How did you and the Localogy team decide on video advertising as the topic for your session?

Kayla: Both Clix and BrkThru Digital’s teams work with clients who may be just starting out in digital marketing, or who need an expert team to guide them through the best ways to grow and scale their online presence. As video-based marketing has exploded over the last couple of years (and looks to continue to do so), and with the continued depth of channels advertisers can choose from, we’ve found that much of the value we can provide is in clearing a path for what truly moves the needle for leads or revenue generated. A simple Instagram story can turn into an ad opportunity, or thousands of dollars could be invested in asset development for a streaming service campaign. We felt like an honest discussion around what we do (and don’t) see working across a variety of clients would be a helpful way to bridge the gap between what companies may have thought could be effective in terms of video 2-3 years ago and what can actually provide momentum in a very different current and future market. 

Q2 – What takeaways will attendees leave your session armed with? 

Kayla: We’re definitely going to cover some tips on which video platforms and formats perform for different types of audiences, depending on if the brand is B2B or B2C centric. Jonathan & I will also talk quite a bit about how to measure video ad effectiveness, especially where it can be leveraged at various stages of a complex or long sales pipeline. Last but not least, we’ll share our perspectives on where we see video continuing to grow and how we plan to build that growth trajectory into strategies for clients with a variety of digital ad experience. 

Q3 – Speaking of, but without spoiling your presentation, where do you think video will grow the most in the next year or two? 

Kayla: Video advertising has so much agility at this point, again with content easily coming from brand or platform users, and the many channels where video ads can be published (search, social, streaming, programmatic, etc). Ultimately my answer is that I think video is going to continue to grow in all aspects, but it will be most exciting to see how advertisers and account managers utilize video through their entire pipeline, hopefully shortening some sales cycles and improving conversion rates. 

Q4 – Any particular sessions or speakers you’re looking forward to catching at the event?

Kayla: There are a couple sessions planned around how the workplace can and will continue to evolve in a world where, hopefully, COVID is no longer part of our day-to-day but has changed how business will probably be done forever – and I’m really excited to check those out. I’m also looking forward to the presentations geared toward how agencies can continue adapting with the changes in digital. It’s always excellent to hear the ways other teams are maintaining their specializations and still looking at the best ways to evolve and be better for our clients!

Don’t forget to check back here on the blog often for additional upcoming Clix speaking and engagement opportunities! And let us know if you have an event you’d like us to participate in and we would be happy to chat about topics to fit your audience (leave a message in the comments or email us –