Display Advertising

Consistency in your sales pipeline proving difficult to regulate? Display campaigns you’re already running falling short on the engagement front? While it can be tempting to pull display ads altogether, Clix has found the best way to combine these campaigns with expert search and social efforts for a full-funnel paid digital solution.

What’s The Value Of Display?

With increasing activity in digital networks, it becomes imperative to use online channels to build awareness with new customers. Many businesses also find it necessary to innovate (either with new products or services, or by targeting a new audience with existing offerings) and display ads provide the largest testing environment for engaging creative. Beyond its use in brand awareness, display advertising further provides remarketing opportunities to move a user through the sales pipeline and keep competitors out of mind until that final conversion occurs.

What To Expect When Clix Manages Your Display Campaigns

Clix knows display advertising campaigns can significantly boost brand awareness without tanking your overall return on investment. Efficiency with your budget is our number one priority, even where direct conversion expections may be low. We promise you:

Expert Placement Selection

Our experience tells us that long-term display success is built on selecting the best placements for your unique audience targets from the very beginning. Clix will work with your team to help analyze each persona and display opportunity for highest potential ROI.

Strategic Campaign Creation

Based on those opportunity discussions, Clix will expertly build out and launch display campaigns tailored to each placement, and trust us – not every channel is right for every business, so we mean it when we say we customize display strategies to each client’s goals.

Innovative Ad Creation

Clix works closely with our clients to develop striking and creative display campaigns. Both text and image ads generate amazing results on display and we’ll help coordinate ad creation in multiple mediums.

Consistent Efficiency Reviews

The reach of display network advertising is vast, so these campaigns can generate huge amounts of traffic (and spend). You need expert experience to refine and optimize these placements in order to boost profitability and ROI. Clix provides this support continually and consistently – even if that means keeping these budgets minimal.

Our Methodology


Clix has developed a winning methodology for building and optimizing paid digital marketing campaigns. Our iterative process involves constant experimentation and idea development, leading to steady improvement in results. We’re a perfect fit for any company looking for sustainable long-term growth.

When we manage your accounts, we will:

Understand Your Company

We will learn what makes your company tick - your products and services, your short-term and long-term business objectives, and your past and present marketing and advertising activities.

Understand Your Customers

We'll lead you through an exercise that describes your customers not just as a homogenous group with one shared set of characteristics, but as distinct subsets, each with a somewhat different set of attributes, buying behaviors, etc. This will help us determine the keywords and emotional triggers unique to each subset.

Understand Your Competition

We will put your competition under a microscope and find out what keywords they're using, what ads they're running - whatever it takes to make sure your campaigns outperforms theirs.

Develop Powerful Keyword Lists

Using proprietary methods and third-party research tools, we will build targeted lists of thousands of keywords - many of which have been completely ignored by your competition.

Build Intelligent Campaign Structure

In campaigns with thousands of keywords, creating a structured approach to ad groups and campaigns allows for better keyword to ad copy associations - which leads to better engagement with your target audience.

Write, Test and Refine Killer Ads

With extremely limited space, effective PPC ad copy makes or breaks your campaigns, no matter how "on-the-mark" your keywords are. We've written thousands of successful PPC ads, and we'll tailor ones for your campaigns that garner better results than your competitors. then we'll test continually to find variations that steadily improve click-through-rate and ROI.

Test and Refine Landing Page Content

We'll work with you to make changes to your landing pages that, while usually minor, tie the content more closely to top-performing keywords and ad copy - continually improving your conversion rates and ROI. We use sophisticated multivariate analysis tools to pick the right combination of words and design elements.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

We'll monitor, test and improve your campaigns as often as we have statistically relevant data to do so, and we'll use sophisticated bid & budget techniques to keep costs efficient while still meeting revenue or lead generation goals.

Clix Requires (Almost) No Supervision.

We provide all of the necessary ingredients for successful campaigns; overall Pay Per Click strategy, keyword research, campaign management, bidding and creative optimization, reporting & analysis, multivariate testing, etc. You can stay as involved as you want - or put us on cruise control.

What Our Clients are Saying

“I have worked with Clix for over two years in multiple capacities in my digital marketing career at Sprout Social, and it is always a wonderful experience! The Clix team is intelligent, thorough, and dedicated – overall great to work with. I know I can trust them to get the job done and deliver results. We have a valuable partnership that I truly appreciate.”

Shelby Cunningham
Sprout Social