Don’t Be a Loser, Part 2

Hundreds of people have downloaded the free ebook Scientific Marketing that I posted last week. It seems the message “internet marketers have a lot to learn from dirt-world experts” resonated with young marketers everywhere.

So I decided to dig deeper and find a free resource that’s a gold mine of information specifically for PPC advertisers. It addresses one of the biggest challenges we face: writing persuasive ad copy with only 95 characters or so to play with.

Turns out the issue precedes PPC advertising – generations of marketers have faced the same challenge when writing classified ads for print publications.

So I found a great ebook that teaches effective classified ad writing – you can download it here. It’s a great read, especially for the lists hundreds of of persuasive words and phrases, and the AIDA “master formula.”

Note: the book is in the form of an .exe file (a Windows application); sorry, non-Windows folks!

Note again: Here’s a PDF version of the eBook (courtesy of blog reader Wes).