Facebook’s Mobile Pages Get a Facelift

Facebook sectionsFacebook announced Tuesday that mobile Pages are being updated to help consumers seamlessly connect with business owners. The changes are designed to be mutually beneficial for businesses and consumers alike. Business owners will have access to better capabilities for promoting their products and services and driving people to convert. Consumers will have an easier time seeking out information, including contact information.

Personally, as an advertiser, I’m pretty excited about these changes.  We always send our ads to external landing pages but, when you promote content, you’re bound to generate some additional Page traffic as well. These changes help to ensure that consumers continue into the funnel if they decide to scope out the business’s Page instead of clicking through to the landing page.

New Layout

Facebook is working on a new layout which is intended to simplify navigation. Pages are being updated with tabs for different content sections, in order to help consumers find the information they are looking for with as little clicking and scrolling as possible. The home screen will also contain highlights from each tab.

Call-To-Action Buttons

If I had to pick a favorite announcement, it would be this one. Facebook has rolled out new call-to-action buttons to try to highlight each business’s most important objective.  The new buttons are brightly colored and seem to be attention-grabbing. Facebook notes that new call-to-action buttons are being tested including “Call Now”, “Send Message” and “Contact Us”. Over time additional CTAs will be added.

Additional Sections

To date, Facebook Pages have followed a basic template no matter the industry vertical or goals. This week Facebook rolled out two new sections, acknowledging that different businesses have different content promotion needs.

The new ‘Shop’ section helps retail businesses integrate products directly into their page. Some retailers have had access to this functionality through third-party integrations but Facebook has now released this feature as a standard capability. The ‘Services’ section allows businesses to list their service offering in an easy-to-read format.

Facebook notes that there are plans to roll out additional sections for Pages in the future.

Updating Your Pages

In order to utilize these new features, you’ll have to login to your account, choose a call-to-action button, and add content within the newly released Page sections.