Google Ads New Budget Reporting

If you’ve been managing Google Ads for long enough, you might remember when Google would only spend 20% over what your daily budget was set at. So if you had a daily budget of $100, the most Google would spend in one day was $120. Then it would underspend to compensate.

If you’ve been managing ads for long enough you might also remember when Google announced the change to their overspend policy where daily spend could now be twice your daily budget, although they would still pace toward a monthly spend of 30.4 times your daily budget.

This caused quite an uproar at the time, as it was more difficult to control what potential daily spend would be in your account and also made it more difficult to understand what monthly spend could be if you’re changing your daily budgets frequently. To make it easier to understand your budget behavior, Google Ads has launched a new campaign budget report to help you visualize your monthly campaign spend behavior.

Here’s what’s highlighted in the new campaign budget report:

  • Your daily spend
  • Your campaign’s monthly spending limit
  • Your monthly spend forecast, cost to date, and any budget changes you may have made in between

How To View The Budget Report

To access the budget report, you first need to navigate to the Campaign tab in your account by clicking Campaigns from the page menu on the left. Next, hover your cursor over one of your campaign’s daily budgets in the Budget column. Click the View Budget Report link in the pop up box and you’ll be taken to the Budget report page.

You can also access the budget report from the Shared Library. Click the Tools & Settings wrench icon and under Shared Library select Shared Budgets. In the “Daily budget” column, hover the cursor over your campaign budget in the “Budget” column, or click the pencil icon to view a window with your average daily budget. You’ll see the link to the budget report.

The final way to access the budget report is from the Ad Groups page. In the top bar, you’ll find your budget for the campaign associated with the selected ad group. Click the pencil icon next to the budget amount and you will see the budget report link.

google ads budget report

What Is In The Budget Report?

The budget report provides you with the following key information:

  • Cumulative monthly spend (Top): Above the chart, review the monthly spending limits, monthly forecast, and cost to date.
    • Monthly spending limit: The maximum amount you can pay for a campaign over a month. For example, if your average daily budget is set to $10, your monthly spending limit is going to be $10*30.4 = $304.
    • Monthly forecast: Projected total costs based on your average daily budget.
    • Cost to date: Actual amount spent this month up to today’s date
  • Visualization chart (Middle): Visualize cumulative spend for the month in the chart shown in the middle panel.
    • Grey Solid Line shows monthly spending limit.
    • Blue Solid lines show cost to date.
    • Blue dotted lines show the spend forecast for future dates.
    • Shaded blue area shows the prediction intervals that indicate the upper and lower bound that the actual aggregate spend will likely “land” for a given day.
  • Daily spend (Bottom): Understand how your daily cost (blue bar) has spent/not spent up to the maximum daily spending limit. The blue bar represents your daily spend.

google monthly spend report

The report can help you understand how editing your budget can impact the campaign’s spending limits. Changes to your average daily budget are indicated with arrow icons on the days the budget changed. You can hover over the arrows to showcase the changes in budget amounts.

google campaign budget changes

If you use ad schedules, you may see an alert that the ad schedules will not be reflected in the forecasting on the budget report.

Budgets are a critical part of any marketing strategy, which is why it’s important to know how much your campaigns could potentially spend in a month. These campaign budget reports are a welcome addition to the ads interface in order to keep track of projected monthly spend, especially after multiple daily budget adjustments.

Have you been using the campaign budget reports and if so, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!