Google Tag Manager Is the Tool #PPC Pros Have Been Waiting For

Yes, it’s that big of a deal. No longer do we as PPC pros need to wait a week (or more) for our next chat with a new client only to find out that no, the new conversion pixel still has not yet been placed on their website. More often than not, not adding a conversion pixel to a website can cause serious delays of the launch of your newly minted, fancy pants campaigns (who would launch without conversion tracking anyways?!?).

What’s so great about Google Tag Manager (GTM), you ask? Well, there are a couple things. Power and simplicity. Check it out.

All of the PPC Tags

Depending on the client or account you’re working with, there can be what feels like an infinite number of tags needed for your campaigns. Google tag, Bing tags, Google Analytics tags, Facebook conversion pixels, etc. This might not sound like a lot to online marketing pros, but to a business owner, that can sound pretty intimidating.

Tag all the things?

Yes, tag all of them. Or else we won’t know what the bajeez is going on. But never fear, this is where the simplicity of this tools takes over the post.

So Easy Your Grandma Could Do It

Well, maybe a pretty tech savvy grandma, but a grandma nonetheless.

From my experience, many client contacts (depending on the company size) are either the person who has to make the changes themselves (read: usually intimidated by changing the site’s code) or it’s completely out of their hands (read: they work at a large company and pass coding changes into the developer abyss hoping they get completed within the month). With so many different pixels needing to be added to the site, not to mention any changes to existing pixels when something gets “upgraded”, adding pixels one at a time into the hard code can be a painful process.

GTM allows you to add nearly a limitless number of tags to a site while only needing to add a single container to the actual code of the site. This is music to everyone’s ears. Once the initial code is placed, either the agency or the client can easily add, update, or delete tags to the container using the GTM interface as needed to stay in line with marketing efforts.


Also easy.



Easy-schmeasy. Get the point?


Organization and clarity couldn’t be easier here. Containers can be created for each client or web property you manage. Their tags can be individually named and typed based on your needs or organization preferences. The tags can also be filtered to only fire on certain pages (very similar to the way we use most remarketing tags nowadays) so we can easily change the functionality of a conversion tag or a remarketing tag to reflect their intended purpose.

And look, if you don’t understand what’s going on, they’ve even offered a little training session to get you up to speed. Seriously, this thing couldn’t be easier to use if it were that applesauce in drinkable pouches all the posh kids are raving about these days.

Drinkable ApplesauceYes, I was serious about that one.

Any way, if you haven’t already, get yourself started with a GTM account, at least for your new clients, and start saving up those Excedrin for when Google decides to upgrade something else in our accounts.