Guest Blogger Shelley Ellis on PPC Hiring

Our Facebook PPC Pro People group is nearing 400 members, and has featured several useful discussions. I found this one particularly valuable – written by Shelley Ellis of iCrossing – on hiring great PPC employees:

Here are some tips on hiring those PPC professionals:

1) For the interview, come up with some simple tests for keyword generation, ad writing, ad groups that need to be split, analyzing reports and for ad testing. Keep it simple. I would have them actually write the ads but use multiple choice for the ad test section based on statistical data. Ask them what types of optimizations can make that adgroup better based on the report you gave them.

2) Ask them about their successful and not so successful campaigns and what they did to make it successful as well as how they handled the not so successful situation. If they can’t answer either of those questions…send them on their way.

3) If possible, try not to hire one person to “do it all”. Recognize that the employee who is good at ad writing and generating keywords may not be good at analyzing reports or optimizing campaigns.

4) Recognize that creative individuals have quirks. You are not looking for a receptionist for the front desk so have some flexibility on hours worked, time taken off, weird personal habits or dress or tattoos, etc.

5) Ask them what they have taught themselves recently related to PPC. The paid search industry evolves so quickly that you’ll need someone who not only recognizes that but works hard to stay updated on all the latest information and tools.

Happy hiring!