Hero Conf Austin 2022 Session Recap: Why Every Digital Marketer Should Use Google Tag Manager

While I wasn’t able to join my PPC industry peers in person at Hero Conf Austin 2022, I did have the privilege to present a recorded virtual session. My talk was titled “Why Every Digital Marketer Should Use Google Tag Manager.”

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is an incredibly versatile tool that allows marketers of varying skill levels to be able to quickly and efficiently deploy tracking tags from ad platforms and analytics tools. This session centered around an explanation of the basics of GTM, along with some examples of specific setups.

Here are a few highlights from my presentation:

  • Implementing GTM on your site is a great way to save time and back-and-forth with developers.
  • If you haven’t gotten a GA4 property active on your site yet, you should. GTM offers a GA4-specific tag template you can use to easily deploy GA4.
  • Use Preview Mode to test that tags are firing properly, and don’t forgot to publish your changes to push them live to your site.
  • Beyond getting basic conversion tags and analytics tags in place, some additional practical setups that are easy to configure in GTM include scroll tracking, external click tracking, button click tracking, and video view tracking.
  • Check out the presentation below for more details!