#HeroConf Presentation: Making the Case for Bing Ads Product Listing Ads

heroconf portlandI had the pleasure of speaking at HeroConf in Portland, OR last week. Mingling with the best and brightest in the digital advertising industry is always a treat! Speaking to a smart audience is great, but the icing on the cake is sharing a panel with the best our industry has to offer. This year, Frederick Vallaeys and I spoke on product listing ads for e-commerce advertisers. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Frederick spoke on Google AdWords Shopping Campaigns and provided great insight into product feed management as well. My topic was effectively presenting the case for setting up and managing Bing Ads Product Listing Ads. There is still a very large number of advertisers who are ignoring Bing Ads. And those that are in e-commerce, ignoring Bing’s PLA offering is shocking in my opinion. So I aimed to set the record straight and hopefully gain a few converts.

First, you have to have context. Bing’s market share is growing. Aided by Yahoo!’s gains with Mozilla Firefox and a continued trend of growth has pushed Bing past 30% search market share for the first time. Ignoring 30% of anything is folly, at best. Add the pending impact of Windows 10’s integration with Bing and Cortana and further growth for Bing is a very real possibility.

Beyond search market share, Bing has built a solid product listing ad platform within Bing Ads. Later this year a Shopping Campaign upgrade will occur bring Bing Ads in line with AdWords so that you can export/import your Google Shopping Campaigns with ease. Even though that feature isn’t here yet, Bing’s PLA campaign management is streamlined and intuitive. The slide deck walks through the steps to set up your Bing Merchant Center account, store and set up your product feed.

I had a blast sharing this presentation at HeroConf – hopefully you’ll glean some helpful tips and make the decision to set up Bing Ads Product Listing Ads yourself!