How To Make Bulk Ad Edits in Google Ads Interface

If you’re like me, anytime you need to make edits across a range of ads in Google you immediately open the Google Ads Editor. It’s been my go to tool for bulk edits for the last ten years. As the interface continues to become more advanced, I’ve started testing out bulk edits in the interface that I’ve traditionally done in the Editor.

Let’s take a look as some of the examples where I’ve been using the interface to make bulk ad changes.

Writing New Ads For Testing

Many times with ad tests, you are taking the best performing ad variants and making adjustments for testing. For example, trying different calls to actions in the description or different value propositions in the headline.

Within the interface, you can easily duplicate existing ads and edit them across your entire account (or subset of your account) in a few clicks.

To create your new ad variant, first select the ads you want to edit. Then go to Edit > Change ads. At the bottom on the edit window, you’ll see the option to “Keep original ads and create duplicate ads with new text.”

The ads will be duplicated in their respective ad groups. All elements of the ad will remain the same except for the pieces you’ve edited. You can also use this process to test landing pages, duplicating ads but directing variants to separate pages.

You can do this with all ad edit options for ETAs: edit, find and replace, ad to text, and change case. Want to do a case test? Easily duplicate your ads with this feature.

The only place this isn’t available is for the Edit option when you select Responsive search ads.

Duplicating New Ads Across Multiple Campaigns and Ad Groups

Often times, you may have the same campaigns and ad groups in your account targeting different locations. Structurally, all elements are the same except for the geography targeting. You can write a new ad in an ad group in one campaign and paste into the corresponding ad groups in other campaigns.

Write the ad you want to duplicate, then select and copy that ad. Click the Paste clipboard and window will open with options for where to paste the ad in your account.

You can filter your campaigns using the search function and then select the ad groups where you want to paste the ads.

The ads will be duplicated as-is, so it may not be as efficient if there are ad copy or landing page tweaks you need to make between the campaigns. But, if the ads are exact duplicates of each other across the account, this method is very effective.

You can use this same method if you are building out new ad groups in a campaign that can be duplicated into other campaigns.

I still use the Editor for writing completely new ads or for more complex changes. It also gives me peace of mind to be able to review the changes before making them life, which you can’t do as easily in the interface.

What do you think? Have you found yourself using the interface for tasks you used to complete in the Editor? Let us know in the comments below!