IDC on Search Advertising – Gets It All Wrong

IDC published a press release recently that turns out to be a rather bad advertisement for their pricy white paper on internet advertising – read the press release here.

In the press release they predict that search advertising”market share” will decline due to the increase in prevalence of video advertising.

The author obviously doesn’t “get” the distinction between search and contextual advertising. I think it’s likely that contextual video advertising will enjoy an increase in market share, but it won’t do so at the expense of search – it will do so at the expense of other forms of display and contextual advertising, like banner ads and print ads.

I think search advertising will continue to gain market share compared to all other kinds of advertising. Especially when you envision a world where search is embedded into more user experiences. Think on-screen search during TV and movie viewing; search while traveling by car; search while using ad-supported Microsoft software applications.