It Is an Exciting Time to Be a B2B Advertiser

puppymonkeybabyPuppy monkey baby! Puppy monkey baby! Laugh-out-loud funny. If you didn’t laugh at that commercial during the Super Bowl, well, I don’t know how you can sleep at night! Anyways, on to the topic at hand.

While I personally manage campaigns that span numerous verticals in e-commerce, lead generation, B2B and B2C capacities, I always come back to B2B lead generation. It’s the bees-knees and gets my motor running. I’m gearing up to wax poetic on this very topic in a Formstack webinar and at SMX early in March, so my mind is very much in this space at the moment.

All this self-generated excitement brings me to one single point: it’s a pretty damn exciting time to be a B2B advertiser. The convergence of tools, tracking and marketing platforms means there is a world of opportunity for getting in front of potential customers at nearly every stage of the buying cycle.

Here’s just a few reasons why I’m so excited:

  • Facebook Ads began releasing Lead Ads to mobile newsfeed a few months ago. In 2016 they’ve been rolling them out to desktop newsfeed as well. The conversion rates are up, the cost-per-lead is down and this guy is a happy camper. Though I’d be (and a few clients would be) happier if the back-end data connection process was easier. Say a bit like…
  • Twitter Ads and the Lead Generation Card. This bad boy has been around now for at least 2 years (really?!?!?!?) and IMHO was a trendsetter in leveraging social media platforms for B2B advertisers. Sure, LinkedIn had their “click-to-contact” thingy but it barely worked and forced the advertiser to follow up with those leads within LinkedIn. No thanks. The Twitter Lead Generation Card is a powerful utility that 1) looks great and 2) truly works. The only downside? Facebook 1-upped Twitter by allowing true customization of the form. Twitter still limits you to name, email and Twitter handle.
  • Attribution… through the sales funnel. One company in particular is rocking this out – Bizible. We all know that B2B lead gen campaigns have numerous touch points, many of which are from paid advertising or email marketing (which isn’t free either!). Bizible allows you to show attribution through from initial top-of-funnel lead to mid-funnel stage actions through to customer. Powerful stuff. Companies like AdStage are looking to jump into the fray as well in a big way. Speaking of AdStage…
  • All-in-one management of ad campaigns is so very, very useful. Particularly channels like LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads and Facebook Ads. AdStage is the only tool (at least that I’m aware of) that can truly say it can manage campaigns on the big 3 social channels AND Google AdWords/Bing Ads. Reporting still lacks a bit and they’ve yet to address Yahoo Gemini, but AdStage is worth every penny for B2B and all advertisers alike.

That sums it up for today. I’m a happy advertiser and felt like gushing a bit on B2B opportunities. I could very well do the same for much of the s%&$ that is killing it for my e-commerce clients, too. Maybe that’ll be my next article. ; ) Until then…