Naughty Habits to Shake Before the Krampus Comes to Town

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not – OH NO! The Krampus is coming to town!  And he’s carrying a big switch!

Austrian children aren’t scared of the Naughty List.  What’s St. Nick going to do?  Leave a lump of coal.  Enter the Krampus, a demonic beast who whips bad children and drags the worst into the black forest.

santa and Krampus x


Here’s our list of naughty habits to shake before the Krampus comes to town:


John Lee

Krampus and sidecar Santa

Ignoring non-Adwords channels.

They are the gift that keeps on giving. Bing Ads. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Ads. FBX retargeting. The list goes on.

Failing to innovate

Failing to innovate or make attempts at energizing/revitalizing your advertising efforts over time. Just because one thing works doesn’t mean you should only do that one thing.


Amy Bishop

krampus rocking horse x

Taking Data Out of Context

As PPC nerds, we have so much data at our finger tips and yet sometimes we see analyses that are completed out of context. Make sure that when you are pulling together data and actionable insights, you’re using representative historical data as a guideline.  For instance, if you’re looking at holiday sales, it probably isn’t helpful to compare November performance to October.  It would be better to look at YoY data to see how the trend compares.

The Same Ol’ Routine

It’s good to have a routine, don’t get us wrong but it’s easy to fall into a PPC rut – changing bids, adding negatives, changing bids again…  This isn’t healthy for the account (plus its boring!)! Continually look for potential in new tactics, channels and testing opportunities.  For inspiration and ideas, follow industry blogs – you’re already ahead of the game just by reading this post!


Michelle Morgan

 Krampus and kids

Accepting Poor Attribution from Clients

Many companies out there struggle to find the true value of leads/phone calls coming into their business from PPC. Rather than accepting limitations, marketers should work with clients to find solutions to the attribution puzzle (call tracking software, crm systems, custom tracking set up, etc.).

Trading Off on the Basics

We talk a lot about expanding your reach with PPC, and that’s a very important part of it. You should constantly be looking for great new ways to improve and build, but that doesn’t mean the basics should go by the wayside. Continual ad copy testing, bid changes, checking in on bid modifiers, looking through search query or automatic placements reports. These are all tasks that need to continue with some regularity even though you’re looking at bigger better things.


Robert Brady

krampus with ears

No conversion tracking

Pretty self-explanatory, but I’m constantly surprised how many times I’ll audit or review an account that doesn’t have conversion data. And don't think it's just small advertisers, I just recently reviewed an account spend upward of $25K/month with no conversion tracking.

“Default” campaign settings

When you create a new campaign there are quite a few settings that are somewhat buried, like ad rotation settings, geographic targeting options (the whole searching about vs. being actually in the geo area), standard vs. accelerated budgeting, etc. These may seem small, but over time have a large impact on the account.

Missing ad extensions

Google launches at least a couple new ones every year and the ones that make it to global distribution are solid. Don’t miss out by not taking advantage.


Mae Polczynski

rod's Krampus x

Not dedicating time to blog writing

I hope they have wi-fi and lattes in the black forest.