New Google AdWords Report May Revolutionize Content Advertising

Well, “revolutionize” may be a strong word. But the new report will certainly help Content advertisers create campaigns that are much more successful.

It’s called the Placement Performance Report, and it makes available Content campaign performance data never before available. It lists the web sites where your Content ads are being displayed, along with performance data like CTR and conversion rate for each site.

Though the report is in beta right now, soon you’ll be able to see which sites are under-performing (e.g., resulting in negligible conversion rates), and exclude them from displaying your ads using the Site Exclusion Tool. Or you might choose to place higher bids for ads appearing on top-performing sites, using AdWords’ Site Targeting.

Here’s a link that will let you download a sample report (2.5mb Excel 2003 file): Placement Performance Report Sample