Social Media Advertising

Struggling to keep up with paid social ads, but know your competitors are building a loyal following of your target customers in the channels? Noticing a need to keep all portions of your sales pipeline supported with PPC? Paid social may not always drive direct leads or revenue, but it can be the best way to engage with consumers interests.

Why Is Paid Social So Important?

Year after year we’re seeing more consumer time spent online, but specifically in their social media platforms. With a vast number of channels on the table (from Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter – to Instagram, Pinterest and more), Clix has found great top of funnel and revenue-driving results in social for clients in both B2B and B2C businesses. More importantly, we see paid social as an excellent way to rebalance ROI when competition in search or lack of performance in display are holding back your digital growth.

What To Expect When Clix Manages Your Paid Social Campaigns

Social media is becoming an increasingly important element of marketing plans. Clix finds the right audience for your social media ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more – producing great results from these channels as well as gaining cross-channel attribution insights to achieve a deep understanding of your social media ROI. We promise you:

Audience Development

With extensive audience research and creation, Clix works side-by-side with your team to produce relevant, targeted audiences for your campaigns.

Outstanding Ads

Awesome creative is one of the most important elements of social media advertising – especially having engaging ad copy. The Clix team brings years of experience writing amazing ads and will keep your creative fresh with ongoing testing.

Reliable Tracking

Many social media campaigns are plagued with improper reporting. Before a single dollar is spent on ads, Clix will help ensure your tracking has been appropriately established & tested.

Cross-Channel Attribution

Many companies hire an agency to help understand the direct and attributable revenue coming from social ad budgets, and Clix understands how to help guide that full funnel approach, where PPC fits into the overall purchase process for your customers, and how we can continue to expand the influence of your brand.

Our Methodology

Clix has developed a winning methodology for building and optimizing paid digital marketing campaigns. Our iterative process involves constant experimentation and idea development, leading to steady improvement in results. We’re a perfect fit for any company looking for sustainable long-term growth.

When we manage your accounts, we will:

Understand Your Company

We will learn what makes your company tick - your products and services, your short-term and long-term business objectives, and your past and present marketing and advertising activities.

Understand Your Customers

We'll lead you through an exercise that describes your customers not just as a homogenous group with one shared set of characteristics, but as distinct subsets, each with a somewhat different set of attributes, buying behaviors, etc. This will help us determine the keywords and emotional triggers unique to each subset.

Understand Your Competition

We will put your competition under a microscope and find out what keywords they're using, what ads they're running - whatever it takes to make sure your campaigns outperforms theirs.

Develop Powerful Keyword Lists

Using proprietary methods and third-party research tools, we will build targeted lists of thousands of keywords - many of which have been completely ignored by your competition.

Build Intelligent Campaign Structure

In campaigns with thousands of keywords, creating a structured approach to ad groups and campaigns allows for better keyword to ad copy associations - which leads to better engagement with your target audience.

Write, Test and Refine Killer Ads

With extremely limited space, effective PPC ad copy makes or breaks your campaigns, no matter how "on-the-mark" your keywords are. We've written thousands of successful PPC ads, and we'll tailor ones for your campaigns that garner better results than your competitors. then we'll test continually to find variations that steadily improve click-through-rate and ROI.

Test and Refine Landing Page Content

We'll work with you to make changes to your landing pages that, while usually minor, tie the content more closely to top-performing keywords and ad copy - continually improving your conversion rates and ROI. We use sophisticated multivariate analysis tools to pick the right combination of words and design elements.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

We'll monitor, test and improve your campaigns as often as we have statistically relevant data to do so, and we'll use sophisticated bid & budget techniques to keep costs efficient while still meeting revenue or lead generation goals.

Clix Requires (Almost) No Supervision.

We provide all of the necessary ingredients for successful campaigns; overall Pay Per Click strategy, keyword research, campaign management, bidding and creative optimization, reporting & analysis, multivariate testing, etc. You can stay as involved as you want - or put us on cruise control.

What Our Clients are Saying

“Clix has helped SLAM adjust our digital advertising strategy to reach our target audience across platforms and at scale. We were looking for a partner that could help us scale our growing eCommerce business while also protecting the rich history of the SLAM brand. Clix met that expectation quickly, driving improvements in ROI and also significantly improving the reporting and insights being funneled back into the business.”

David Schnur - President