Recent Targeting & Metric Updates in Facebook

In July, Facebook began rolling out updates to their Custom Audiences. Facebook announced today, August 15th, as the date for removal of Partner Categories in the interface. Advertisers are able to target and deliver ads to previously created audiences until October 1, 2018.

Aside from this custom audience change, there have been two other updates to Facebook that PPC pros should know about.

New & Returning Professional Targeting Options

Earlier in August, Facebook posted on their Facebook for Developers blog that introduced new and returning professional targeting options. (B2B advertisers rejoice!)

According to the post, Facebook is working “on a phased rollout of a number of reinstating targeting options for Job titles, Employers, Field of Study and Education.”

The segments are as follows:

  • Page Administrators: Behaviors targeting > Digital activities > Facebook page admins
  • Employer Targeting: Demographics > Work > Employers
  • Job Title Targeting: Demographics > Work > Job Titles
  • School Targeting: Demographics > Education > Schools
  • Field of Study Targeting: Demographics > Education > Field of Study

Video Metrics Updates

Posted on the Facebook for Developers blog on July 31, Facebook announced changes to video viewing metrics.

Unique Seconds Watched

Previously, Facebook counted metrics on the aggregate time a video played. So if a viewer rewound a video and played the same 5 seconds twice, it was counted as a 10-second view. Now, only unique seconds played will be counted. This is definitely a useful update.

New Video Metric

Another change is aligning names for video metrics between advertisers and viewers. The new metric that was created from this change was “video plays.” A video play is when a video begins to play. This allows advertisers to measure beyond the impression. You’ll see a “video play count” column in the Video Engagement column or available to add to your column metrics.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else Facebook rolls out in the professional targeting realm. We’ll keep you updated.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these changes in the comments!