A Chat About Sensible Growth: Meet With Clix & Google

In the interest of continuing to evolve with what our readers, clients, colleagues & prospects need from our team of experts, the team here at Clix is working to build helpful and consultative content.

The Google Meet we’re co-hosting with our agency Google reps later this week (Thursday, January 28th) falls in line with those intentions, and we hope you’ll be able to join us. No strings attached!

We’ll be keeping things conversational and taking questions throughout the presentation, but we definitely plan to review techniques to:

  • Rekindle consideration on how much PPC can perform as a revenue or lead generator in a continuing pandemic. 
  • Help you make wise choices about your digital ads this year, based on where & when you need to engage with your target customer online.
  • Expand your Search and Display efforts effectively to better leverage PPC to fill your full sales funnel and replace defunct channels.

The tone of marketing discussions is certainly moving back toward growth and we want to do our part to stimulate more ideas related to PPC. Thursday’s Meet (1-1:45p EST) should do just that, so if you’d like to participate – send me an email directly (kayla@clixmarketing.com) or find me on LinkedIn, connect, and shoot me a message. I’ll respond and add you to the invite, and our guest list will be kept confidential. We promise we won’t add you to our database and spam you!

Hope to see you then!