The Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly #PPC New and Views: Sept 6th, 2013

This Week in PPC News and ViewsWelcome to this week’s edition of the Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC New and Views! We hope you all had a wonderful short week after the holiday and are all caught up on your monthly reports. This week we’ve got another great list of topics for you ranging from geotargeting to affiliate programs to tracking offline sales in Google AdWords. Let’s get started!

From the Experts

Search Engine Watch

Geotargeting can be a great tool to make sure you’re audience is as relevant as possible to your business, but can also be neglected. There are many ways to take advantage of geotargeting features outside the usual “target the city/state/country you’re in”. Over on Search Engine Watch, Lisa Rashsler has provided us with a list of techniques to get you started using geotargeting in more creative ways in her post: Google AdWords Geo-Targeting: 5 Jaw-Dropping Techniques. If you use geotargeting at all (which the vast majority of you do), this post is definitely worth checking out.

SEER Interactive

Are you running PPC ads on your branded keywords? If yes, then feel free to skip to the next post in our roundup. If no, well, we’ve got something just for you. Harris Neifield of SEER Interactive would like to change your mind. In Mastering PPC: Five Reasons To Run PPC For Brand Keywords, Harris walks through some great reasons why branded keywords are a good idea.


Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs) are one of the cooler new features AdWords has rolled out recently. But are they useful for everyone? Maybe, maybe not. Luckily, Lauren Rogers of Carat has given us a list of 8 ways to use RLSAs in your account. Check it out and see if you can make use of RLSAs.


For some advertisers, simply bidding on your brand keywords isn’t, well, simple. In some instances, you’ve got resellers, partners, or affiliate programs who sell your products and therefore, also want to bid on your keywords. In some ways, having these partners is effectively increasing competition for your own products. How do you get around this problem? Well, Clix Marketing’s own John Lee has some advice on how to tackle this problem over on the ClickZ blog. In Control the Chaos With Affiliate Partners in PPC, John gives some tips on how to keep those affiliates in line.

From the Engines

Google AdWords

Continuing the theme from last week’s announcement of more in-depth conversion tracking, Google made another announcement this week: Measure & Optimize for Offline Sales with AdWords Conversion Import. Yeah, dude. Track your offline conversions in Google AdWords based on a Click ID Google provided upon their visit to your website via an AdWords Ad. Pretty cool stuff coming down the pipe. Read more about it here.

That wraps up this week’s #PPC News and Views. We’ll see you next week!