Top 18 Resources We Keep Going Back to Time and Again

It’s almost the end of 2022, and we’ve hit our milestone 18th birthday here as an agency at Clix! We’d be lying if we said we didn’t lean on some trusty tools now and again to help us on a weekly basis – so if not now, when would be a better time to pass some of 18 years of wisdom to you? Who knows, maybe you’ll find some early presents to bookmark, from the Clix team to you. Enjoy! 

Social Resources 

[1] Pinterest Trends

 Has been especially helpful in identifying trends with high growth in search volume within the last 90 days to help expand your audience as well as seasonal trends to uncover trends that repeat each year to be proactive with campaign planning. 

[2] TikTok Ads Library & Facebook Ads Library

Allows you to see what’s trending on platforms that are constantly shifting with video, music, dance, etc. trends to play into your advertising- it also allows you to gather ideas for creative and see what your competitors are launching! 

[3] Tweet Deck

Upgrade your Twitter experience by using the Tweetdeck- it’s a more convenient interface to view multiple timelines in one easy place. It also allows you to elevate your experience by having advanced features like managing multiple Twitter accounts and scheduling tweets in the future 

PPC Resources

[4]  Google Trends

Explore how Google data can be used to tell stories & see what’s trending with the latest searches 

[5] Google Alerts 

Google alerts have been super useful to us with its content change detection and notifications – the platform updates you via email when any changes are made across the web. Alongside its ability to help stay updated with our favorite blog updates in our ever-changing industry, in my personal life, I use Google Alerts for changes in price for flights to save on travel! 

[6] UET Tag Chrome Ext.  

A straight-to-the-point, fail-proof way to help confirm your conversion tags are set up properly 

[7] Google’s “About This Result” in Beta 

Allows for better insight into how you’re being targeted and opening the “black box” of advertising. This also opens up transparency for advertisers to see search terms on competitors’ ads as well as messaging 

[8] Google’s Ad Growth Formula 

A step-by-step guide for leading brands and agencies for digital success- this helps guide quickly ideas depending on your campaign’s goal! 

[9] Google Market Explorer

A trustworthy source to help find international expansion opportunities using market insights 

Reporting Resources

[10] CPM Calculator for Backing into CPMs 

 Plug in two of the three fields and wala! You can report back to your client team with ease on expected impressions/ CPM. 

[11] Amplitude  

Offers free accounts for additional reporting. We’ve found it extremely useful in breaking down specific audiences on social campaigns off-platform, especially when using custom metrics for conversions for specific industries or sales qualifying lead stages. 

[12] SEM RUSH 

A SaaS platform that’s popular for a reason. We rely on Semrush for site health, traffic analytics, keyword research, and volume, you name it! 

[13] Mobile Site Speed Calculator

Understand your site’s speed / AMP score to identify areas of improvement that may be hurting your campaigns with high bounce rates 

Metric Calculator

[14] Percentage Change Calculator 

For those of us who need to understand MoM/QoQ shifts, but don’t want to do the math. 😉

Tracking Resource

[15] Campaign URL Builder

Build your campaign URL in a flash with this free tool! 

Creative Resources

[16] Canva 

This is our favorite free graphic design tool. It’s easy to use and very intuitive. We’ve found it especially useful for resizing videos and images for creativity. 

[17] Image Compression 

Minimize your size while maximizing your creative’s quality 

[18] Pixaby 

Is your creative team slammed? Search to your heart’s desire for free, quality stock images to get the ball rolling on your campaigns 

We hope our top 18 tools have added a few new bookmarks in your browser. This list is not exhaustive by any means of all the PPC and Social Media tools out there, so if we missed any you live by during the workweek, let us know!