Ways to Boost Your Bing Shopping Campaigns Now: Part 1

A short time ago, I wrote about how to import your Bing Shopping campaigns from Google to Bing. If you haven’t done that yet, it’s pretty easy to do. If you have, then you might be ready for some ways to take your Bing Shopping campaigns to the next level.

Re-examine Product Attributes

Bing recently introduced the Shopping Tab in the US (it’s coming soon to the UK). This tab focuses on the ability to use product filters.  To maximize your products’ chances of appearing here, make sure you have as much detail as possible available in your feed. Particular fields to note include GTIN, MPN, Brand and any other areas that are unique to your products, such as gender, color, material, size, etc. 

Add Negatives

I can’t stress the importance of reviewing your search terms and adding negatives.

When your shopping campaigns are new, you’ll want to do this more often to ensure all irrelevant queries are being excluded. If you’ve been doing this for a while, consider changing your date ranges to get more data, which may show you queries with high spend that are below your CPA or ROAS thresholds. Reviewing the search term reports may also reveal products that could be broken out into their own ad groups for better optimization.

Add Retargeting Audiences

RLSA Campaigns

This is super easy to do using Bing Ads Editor.

Simply copy your existing shopping campaign(s). Add audience targeting to your RLSA campaigns as “Target & Bid” and exclude the same audiences from your existing shopping campaigns. This exclusion makes sure your shoppers don’t overlap audiences.

Audiences in Existing Campaigns

If you have any particular reason for not wanting a separate remarketing campaign, simply layer in your retargeting audiences and set to “Bid Only” so that you can add bid modifiers to any particular audience based on performance.

If you need help setting up retargeting or audiences in Bing, check out our post which outlines step by step on how to do so.

Add a Merchant Promotion

Get more attention and increase engagement for your products by adding a promotion. This is also a quick and easy way to offload inventory, especially if you’re about to get the next season or model of your products. These are currently available in the US and flighting in UK, FR, DE, AU, IN and CA. Learn more about how to set-up Merchant Promotions here.

Automatic Item Update

This is a new option in your settings which allows you to sync your feed to match your website, which will prevent any mismatch errors. You have the option to automatically update by price, availability or both. It’s currently only available in the US only.


Use Column Metrics To Make Bid Changes

For bid adjustments, make sure you’re looking at the Impression Share columns to know if you need to increase your bids, change information in your feed, try a new product image, or other adjustments to improve the performance of your campaigns.

Test Bidding Strategies

If your current shopping campaigns aren’t yielding the types of results you’d like to see, consider testing another bid strategy. You just never know what might work best for your campaigns.

Stay tuned for my next post about Bing Shopping innovations that are either currently in pilot in the U.S. or on the horizon. Some are really exciting, so be sure to check it out.

How has been shopping been working for you? Any optimization ideas you’ve found helpful? Comment below to share!