Why You Should Be Using the New AdWords Report Tool

Lately when I have been pulling down my normal PPC reports from AdWords, I have been trying out different ways to finagle the data in the new-ish Reports tab. Here’s a couple of things you may not know about Reports tab that I think are useful and overlooked:


It’s easy. There’s nothing worse than an upgrade to a program or interface that leaves you wondering where to go next. The Reports tab is overall easy to navigate, which makes you want to go back and use it again.


If you’ve applied filters to columns, they are visible so you remember what you’ve done. The Filter option in the AdWords campaign view can sometimes leave you clicking back and forth trying to remember what criteria you’ve applied to your data. In the Reports tab, it’s easy to see.Blog6_9-29-15

Display Ads

When reviewing ads, you SEE display ads, not just the size and the name. It can get overwhelming to just see a list of strangely named display ads. It’s so much easier to actually SEE the ads along with all of the ads’ stats.NewBlog-9-29-15


You can select tables, bar charts, line charts or pie charts to see your data every which way. Save yourself a step of downloading to Excel & build your fancy graphs in Reports tab!Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.27.15 AM


Don’t like what you’ve got in front of you? Hit “Reset” and wipe the slate clean. I like the ability to manipulate data the way I want to and then quickly reset it if I missed something or found something I wanted to investigate further.


Of course there are features I wish the Reports tab had that are not currently available, but there are a lot of useful features that make reporting and account reviews easier and faster than before.

What’s your favorite features of the AdWords Reports tab? We’d love to hear in the comment section!