Radware Case Study


To combat rising costs, we recommended grouping similar audiences together again, allowing for larger daily budgets and thus, more clicks per day on the ads while serving users a fresh and highly-relevant asset.


Rising costs in LinkedIn were making the platform less profitable overall.


We combined some previously segmented audiences based on the client’s needs and suggested testing an asset that was more tailored to the audience.


CPA was reduced 77% (From an average of $313 to a $77 average) and conversion rate increased 249% (from 2.19% to 7.66%).

Strategy Summary

Radware is a cybersecurity provider with data centers around the world. Radware uses LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content ads to reach potential leads with relevant asset downloads. When advertising on social channels, it’s a PPC “best practice” to segment audiences by region, audience type, etc., for the most accurate lead tracking.

However, this segmentation made audience sizes smaller and made daily budgets too small for rising CPCs. The more we segmented audiences, the higher the cost-per-lead (CPL) would rise.

While costs were increasing, Radware also partnered with Gartner to co-author a report relevant to Radware’s target audience. Once the audiences were restructured, the Gartner report was utilized as our asset download for PPC campaigns.


In each region, we combined audiences when possible. For example, the retargeting email lists can be easily lumped together along with opportunities since ultimately, we are looking to continue engaging with these users.

We were able to take 30 campaigns and condense them into 12 campaigns, which doubled, and sometimes tripled our daily budgets.

Current Audiences

First, we mapped out the current audiences:

  • Net-new targeting – Groups, titles, skills
  • Retargeting – Site visitors, leads, other email lists
  • Targeted account lists of different types
  • Opportunities
  • Customers

Geographic Regions

Next, we outlined geographic regions we targeted:

  • America/Canada
  • Europe
  • Global (Mix of Middle Eastern, Oceanic and Southeast Asian Countries)

Analyzing the Data

In this campaign, we were able to decrease CPA by 73% and increase conversion rates by 166% from one asset to the next.

While it can be considered “best practice” to be very granular with audience targeting and regions across campaigns in LinkedIn, this proves the value of keeping similar targeting together, unless absolutely necessary.

Asset 1 $262.132.86%
Asset 2 $69.247.62%