Welcome Brittany Sager to the Clix Marketing Team!

Headshot of Brittany Sager, Clix Marketing Campaign Manager


Clix has yet another PPC expert joining our team, and we’re beyond excited to have her!

Brittany Sager has joined Clix as a Campaign Manager, so she’ll be focusing the vast majority of her time on client-facing account management tasks and you’ll start to see her tips and guidance here on the blog, too.  

Brittany has spent the last few years immersing herself in managing PPC accounts across a wide variety of B2B and B2C businesses. Prior to that, she was a high school math teacher for many years and loves sharing her passion for numbers and learning with clients and colleagues alike. Her deep appreciation for data & Excel spurred her career change, and she truly enjoys digging into accounts and conducting in-depth analyses. For Brittany, PPC has been the perfect way to merge her background in education with the future of digital marketing. 

Outside of Clix, Brittany enjoys spending her time with friends, family, and most of all, her two kiddos. 

You can connect with Brittany over on LinkedIn, and if you want to be sure to get a quick response – ask her to tell you what makes cheese curds so great or why Indiana University is hands down the best college in the midwest.

Welcome to the team, Brittany!