Why Every Digital Marketer Should Use Google Tag Manager [Clix Speakers Series]

The team at Clix is well known for their industry-leading expertise, and the drive to help share that knowledge with fellow marketers is simply in our DNA. We’ll be highlighting upcoming speaking engagements or other interactive opportunities where you can catch up with our folks in our Clix Speakers Series – so stay tuned here for more events like this one!

We have another Clix appearance coming up in the conference world, with Tim Jensen speaking at the much anticipated Hero Conf Austin event next month!

Hero Conf has been a huge piece of the paid digital industry growing, and how experts in the field best learn from one another. This year the Hero Conf team is expecting over 600 attendees from in-house brands, agencies and platform partners. With over 40 sessions on the docket, there’s certainly something for every experience level – and that’s not even counting the additional workshops offered after the event wraps! Hero Conf is keeping safety a top priority as well, requiring proof of vaccination for all attendees so the theme of networking can remain as intact as possible. 

This might be the first time you’re considering venturing into in-person events again, and there’s still plenty of time to grab a ticket if you’re on the fence! We thought a few (but not too many) spoilers of Tim’s session may help you finalize your decision.

Here’s what Tim has to say about his presentation in January:

Q1 – How or why did you select the topic of Google Tag Manager for your pitch & session at Hero Conf? 

Tim: I see other people presenting constantly about all of the ins and outs of various ad platforms, but have rarely seen options for sessions related to GTM at industry events. I pitched a GTM-related topic in hopes to help fill this gap. Also, along the lines of my session title, I do believe that every digital marketer will find their life made easier if they learn to use GTM at least on a basic level. The time savings and options for customization, without having to edit a single line of code, are immense.

Q2 – What actionable takeaways will attendees leave your session armed with?

Tim: Attendees will learn the basics of setting up a GTM account and gain an understanding of the basic elements within GTM (such as tags and triggers). They’ll walk through a few basic scenarios of setting up tracking tags for common ad platforms, along with Google Analytics. In addition, I’ll offer up some advice for getting started with building more customized tracking setups, such as firing events based on video views and scroll tracking. I hope to offer tips that will help both those who are brand new to GTM, as well as those who may be using it on a basic level but are looking for advice to start digging into more advanced setups.

Q3 – Where are your favorite resources for keeping up to date with changes and features for reporting and analytics?

Tim: Specifically in relation to GTM, Simo Ahava is the go-to man. If you can do something in GTM, he likely already has written an article outlining the steps, and he always flags the latest features. Others who share useful current data in the analytics world include Krista Seiden, Charles Farina, and Himanshu Sharma (Optimize Smart). Finally, Google’s official product blog shares the latest updates to Analytics and other platforms.

Q4 – Have you ever been to Austin before? Anything you’re pinning to your agenda to do outside of the conference while you’re visiting?

Tim: My only other visit to Austin occurred while attending a previous Hero Conf! With a short duration to visit, I don’t have significant plans beyond conference-related activities and meeting up with industry friends. I am looking forward to being able to spend some time with other Clix colleagues who will be attending, as we all work remotely and rarely get a chance to see each other in person. In addition, I’m hoping to eat some delicious Texas barbecue!


Don’t forget to check back here on the blog often for additional upcoming Clix speaking and engagement opportunities! And let us know if you have an event you’d like us to participate in and we would be happy to chat about topics to fit your audience. Just email us at sales@clixmarketing.com.