Meet Brittany Sager: Clix Marketing Campaign Manager

Headshot of Brittany Sager, Clix Marketing Campaign Manager

This post is a part of a series that profiles our leadership team here at Clix. We hope you enjoy getting to know us!

We really enjoy helping our audience get to know the newest members of our team, so please join us in continuing the warm welcome for Brittany Sager as Clix Marketing’s latest Campaign Manager addition! What better way to introduce her than with a nice and easy Q&A session? Brittany took some time to give us a glimpse into her career so far, what she’s passionate about outside of work, and a few other topics. Let’s dive in!

Q: How did you get started in the digital marketing field?

B:  I really love math and analytical tactics.  After deciding to leave teaching, I loved the idea of working in a completely new field where I could use my analytical skills.  Enter digital marketing.  A friend of mine recommended PPC where my love of numbers and analytical digging could flourish. Digital marketing is ever changing, which is a perfect fit for my love of life-long learning!

Q: What are the most valuable skills you’ve been able to carry from teaching to digital marketing account management?

B: I am a planner.  The move from planning a teaching curriculum to planning strategy in an account was an easy transition.  With teaching, you always have to have a Plan B, Plan C, etc. to differentiate instruction for your class. This was a natural shift to testing different strategies in accounts and learning what works best for the account/audience.  My love of numbers, Excel, and all things data has the perfect home in digital marketing!  

Q: Do you have any areas or aspects of PPC you’re particularly drawn to? 

B: I love playing detective.  Being able to dig into an account and help uncover areas to optimize performance or new areas to explore is my favorite.  I love creating strategy plans and seeing the outcomes of such tests.  I also love being able to use numbers to tell a story or help prove significance in a test.

Q: What is your favorite thing about the digital marketing industry? 

B: I love how much it changes!  It encourages us all to continue to learn and adapt.  There are always new ideas to test and learn from.  With that, there is such a large community of digital marketers to connect with and learn from.  I always love a field that encourages lifelong learning and forces us out of our comfort zones.

Q: What’s your favorite way to spend your free time outside of work?

B: I love spending time with my two kids and husband. They keep me on my toes! My best friend and her family live right next door so we love spending time with them as much as we can.  If I ever get time by myself, which is not often these days, I really enjoy reading as many books as possible.  

Q: What is your favorite part about your work day?

B: When I am working, I love geeking out on Excel formulas with colleagues and figuring out ways to make data easier to digest.  Anytime I get to help with reporting or data analytics, I am enjoying myself!  Sometimes I had friends text me questions from their kids’ math homework, which is another fun pastime of mine!  Being a former math teacher, I always love the opportunity to help someone out!

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Brittany, and make sure you keep a look out for her upcoming posts here on the blog! She’s looking forward to connecting with you on LinkedIn, too – so don’t be shy!