Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC News & Views: Friday, April 23, 2021

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From the Experts

Social Media Examiner

Instagram Shopping – How To Get More Exposure & Sales: In this article, you’ll find five ways to sell more on Instagram, even if you don’t have Instagram checkout!

How to Budget for Facebook Ads – Forecasting Your Costs: This post provides a simple formula that will help you budget your Facebook ad spend.


The Hidden Art of Manual Bid Management in Google Ads: With so much written in the last few years about automated bidding, this article takes an in-depth look at the lost art of manual bid management as a lost art. managing your bids manually.

Search Engine Journal

5 Tips for Managing PPC After the Coronavirus Outbreak: PPC advertisers had to learn to roll with the punches during COVID-19. Learn to manage paid search campaigns during this period of transition with this post.

4 Types of Cross-Channel Insights to Power Digital Marketing Campaigns: Using insights and trends from one platform to assist in another benefits your digital marketing efforts. Read this article to learn ways to do just that!

Google Dispels Rumors About Bid Strategy Changes: Google confirms that Target ROAS & Target CPA aren’t going away but are being grouped within other bid strategies – here’s how you can continue to use them.


How to Drive More Conversions (In Less Time) with Facebook Dynamic Ads: Facebook provides advertisers with a wide variety of advertising products. However, few are as efficient at driving sales as dynamic ads, especially if you work in ecommerce.

Practical Ecommerce

CommerceCo Recap – 3 R’s Are Changing Targeted Advertising: For years, online sellers have depended on targeted advertising to acquire and engage shoppers. But changes in privacy are hastening the end of individual tracking and some forms of ad targeting.

What Google Chrome FLoC Says About Targeted Ads: A post that explores proposed alternatives to third-party cookies and insights into the future of targeted ads.

From the Engines


Accelerate your digital strategy with new product experiences


2021 Progress Report: Improving Measurement

Reporting and Analytics: A Closer Look at the Insight Tag and Conversion Tracking


Apple’s iOS 14 Changes Are Almost Here: How to Finish Preparing and What’s Changing

The Evolution of Facebook and Instagram Video Advertising


Creative tips and tools to level up your TikTok campaigns

From the Clix Team

PPC Project Management Tips by Andrea Taylor

Spotted in Accounts: Google Expanding Auto-Applied Changes by Michelle Morgan

4 Ways to Pinpoint Your Targeting With Google Ads Custom Audiences by Michelle Morgan