Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC News & Views: Friday, July 16, 2021

Another Friday, another #PPC News & Views to help keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest across the paid digital marketing industry – thanks for reading!

From the Experts

Paid Search

Understanding Dynamic Search Ads in 2021: Google and Microsoft have offered DSAs for a decade. The ads can produce amazing results. However, many advertisers view DSAs as a catch-all to capture traffic with few keyword-based campaigns. That’s accurate, but it doesn’t fully embrace all the benefits.

Google Ads Optimized Targeting Gradually Rolling Out: If you’re seeing the new “Signal” indicator pop up in your Google Ads account, you’re not alone. The new “Signal” label under the Demographics tab is for optimized targeting, a new feature gradually rolling out to Google Ads managers.

3 Reasons to Use Google Ads Dynamic Exclusion Lists (+How to Do It): By the end of this post, you’ll learn about how dynamic exclusion lists can help you to more efficiently know if a dynamic exclusion list is a good fit for your account and have the tools you need to get it started!

FLoC and the Future of Audiences – Understanding the Limits & Capabilities of FLoC, FLEDGE, and TURTLEDOVE: Advertisers can continue monitoring FLoC or its new replacement and experiment with it so they’re ready to make the most of it the day 3rd party cookies stop working.

5 Simple Steps to Set Up Video Extensions in Microsoft Ads: Microsoft Ads’ video extensions are officially here and this post has the details on how to add them to your account.

How to Set Up Offline Conversions in Google Ads: Offline conversion tracking is fast becoming necessary because of recent updates. Learn how to set them up and the underlying strategy here.

10 Most Common SEM Mistakes and How to Avoid Them: Mistakes in SEM can be expensive and disastrous. Learn how to avoid them with these 10 tips.

Paid Social

6 Facebook Ads Updates To Be Excited About This Summer: Facebook never ceases to amaze us with the unstoppable growth of its platform, and this year has been no different. While it’s great that Facebook is always changing to keep up with the rapid demands of its users, it can be hard to keep up with all the updates. This post walks through the six most recent changes in Facebook ads to keep you agile with your account management.

How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost in 2021? (+3 Ways to Save): What makes Facebook Ads worth the price? Facebook is still the most popular and widely used social media network, but that also makes it very competitive. Consider changing your campaign objectives or getting creative to improve performance with the help of this article.

CRO/Landing Pages

Combatting Competition With Better Conversion Rates: In the world of paid search marketing, increasing click costs year after year is a common trend in many verticals – but even with increased click costs and less click volume, you can potentially be more successful at acquiring revenue and growing your business if you’re able to increase conversions from your paid search campaigns with higher conversion rates.

From the Engines


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