Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC News & Views: Friday, May 7, 2021

Welcome to this week’s #PPC News & Views, featuring articles from nine trusted industry resources (including the Clix Team)!

From the Experts


Testing In The Age Of Automation [RECAP]: This week’s PPCChat discussion was an interesting session where digital marketers expressed their views on the regular testing in their accounts, the kind of tests they are running in search and social ad accounts, which are their favorite tests to run on any platform, and much more.

Practical Ecommerce

When to Auto-apply Google Ads Recommendations: Another fresh take on how to handle Google’s recent feature release with auto-applied recommendations.


13 Trends eCommerce Retailers Can Expect to See After COVID: As things begin to resemble something near normal, and without overpromising on predictions, this post provides thoughts on trends that could be headed the way of online retailers in a post-pandemic marketplace.

Forecasted Advertising Impacts of the Apple iOS 14.5 Update: While the recent Apple update is certainly a positive step for consumer privacy, it has been nothing less than controversial, and a bit contentious in marketing and advertising circles.


12 of the Most Common Facebook Ad Mistakes Marketers Must Avoid: As Facebook’s advertising features continue to expand, the potential for complexities and mistakes increases, too. Take a look at this article for a dozen tips on inefficiencies or stumbling blocks to avoid.

Search Engine Journal

The 6 Most Important PPC KPIs You Should Be Tracking: PPC advertisers have so much data at their fingertips – this post helps identify which paid search KPIs matter most and when to use them.

From the Engines


Customer Match and other key product updates for May

Our upcoming changes to phrase match and broad match modifier


[Quiz] What Kind of Advertiser Are You?

Ecommerce Trends We’re Watching in 2021


DMA geo-targeting enabled for businesses on TikTok

From the Clix Team

Does PPC Work For Every Business? (And Other FAQs In Digital Marketing) by Kayla Kurtz

How to Set Up Google Tag Manager for Better PPC Tracking by Tim Jensen

7 Budget-Wasting Facebook Ad Mistakes (+ How to Avoid Them) by Michelle Morgan