Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC News & Views: Friday, September 24th

Happy Friday, folks! What do you say we just jump right in to this week’s #PPC News & Views? 

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Paid Search

How to Create YouTube In-Stream Ads: Want to increase brand awareness, generate leads, or drive sales? Have you considered running pre-roll ads on YouTube? In this article, you’ll find out how to create and launch TrueView in-stream YouTube video ads and optimize your ads for best results.

Now is the best time to stitch your search marketing loopholes before 2022: With the home stretch of 2021 right around the corner, now is the best time to stitch up those holes in your search marketing for 2022. Here are four tips for cleaning up your SEO and paid media marketing.

How to Set Up Your Google Analytics 4 for Success: Google Analytics 4 will eventually be our only GA platform option so it’s important to set it up properly. This post can show you how.

4 PPC Automation Tools You Should Be Using: Digital marketing can sometimes be very monotonous – spending hours adjusting bids, updating ads, or gathering data for reporting. But it’s 2021 and the industry as a whole has made incredible strides in automating a lot of the menial tasks that can make this career frustrating and sometimes just downright boring. This article offers four free solutions any digital marketer can try!

How Lead Tracking Can Improve Google Ads ROI: Anybody can track conversions. Smart marketers track leads. Why is this lead identification information important? Because it’s not enough to know that someone called your business. A conversion is not necessarily a lead, which is why it’s a bad idea to base your marketing decisions on conversions alone. Read this article, which explains how leads are different from conversions.

Google Ads – Phrase and broad match keywords that are identical to a query are now preferred: A phrase match or broad match keyword that is identical to a query is now always preferred as long as it is eligible to match, Google announced on Thursday. In addition, the company has provided new details on how keyword matching works when a search is identical to a given keyword as well as when a search is not identical to any of an advertiser’s keywords. And, Google has also revealed that BERT’s language understanding capabilities are now being used to understand the intent of queries and match them to keywords.

How to Sell on Amazon – Fees, Prime, Listings & More: Amazon can be a wonderful but complex place to sell. Learn the 4 different ways you can sell and everything you need to get started here.

Paid Social

Twitter Tests New Social Commerce Capabilities with Shopping Card and Shop Module Rollouts: It seems nearly all social media platforms are offering some level of social commerce capabilities, from Facebook and Instagram, to Pinterest and TikTok. Twitter is working hard to catch up after nixing their “Buy” button back in 2017, and has announced a host of new features that will help it establish a bigger presence in the growing social shopping marketplace.

Facebook Has New Ways to Generate Leads & Connect With Customers: Facebook is rolling out new free and paid business tools designed to help businesses find new customers and connect with them in more ways. In addition, the platform announced new features coming next year that are currently in testing. Check out this overview of all the new and upcoming Facebook updates for businesses.

How to Plan a Facebook Ad Campaign for the Holidays: Are you planning to use Facebook ads to promote your products or services this holiday season? Looking for a reliable process to ensure your campaigns succeed? In this article, you’ll discover five key steps to get the best possible results from your Facebook ad campaigns during peak holiday sales periods.

Ultimate LinkedIn Ads Guide 2021 – Types, Examples, Costs: How can your business leverage LinkedIn ads to lock in leads and generate increased revenue? This guide covers everything you need to know including ad audiences, formats, costs, best practices, and more.

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