Using Google Ads’ Insights Tab

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Google Ads | 0 comments

Earlier this year, Google rolled out the Insights page to all advertisers that curates custom insights based on your business. I find it’s still one of the most underutilized features, so in today’s blog I want to go over what’s included in the Insights tab and how you can use it in your ad account.

The Insights page makes it easy for advertisers to explore data and emerging trends based on their industry. For example, let’s say you own a clothing store. The Insights page can show you that US search interest in dresses in trending higher this year compared to last year.

You can then act on these trends by creating a campaign specifically for Dresses if it doesn’t exist, or if it does you can increase budgets and bid more aggressively on these terms.

Insights are curated for your business based on your account performance and searches across Google for the products and services you show ads for. Insights update daily, and you can check back frequently for new insights that may appear.

Let’s take a look at how you can access the Insights page in your Google Ads account.

A Closer Look at the Insights Page

You can navigate to the Insights page from the left-hand menu in your account. Insights will be listed as an option near the top of the menu.

google insights page

Once you are on the Insights page, you’ll see both current and upcoming trends for the products and services that are relevant to your business.

There are two main types of insights: search trends and demand forecasts. Search trends help you to understand the search interest for products and services relevant to your business. You can use search trends to respond to shifts in search demand by identifying potential growth opportunities for your business.

google insights search trends

Demand forecasts help you to understand predicted upcoming search interest for products and services relevant to your business, helping you to prepare to capture additional demand.

google insights demand forecast

You can also deep dive into each trend to understand the searches that are on the rise, and the locations where demand is growing fastest. To do this, click on “View Trend Details” in the lower right hand corner of each chart.

By viewing the details of the increase in Dress related searches, I can see the specific search terms that have increased in volume.

dress search terms

While searches like “met gala looks” might not be relevant to my business, other terms like sundresses or long sleeve dress might be products I sell and I can make sure these keywords are active in my account with competitive bids. This can also help me find potential negative keywords to add to my account so I don’t waste ad spend on non relevant, popular searches.

The Trend Details page also shows a much more visual chart of the auction insights data for your campaigns.

auction insights

Instead of just a data table, you can view charts based on the metric and campaign of your choice. This way, you can see who your top competitors are as well as any changes in performance between them.

If you aren’t already using the Insights page in your account, I recommend checking it out so you can start uncovering some of the data trends for your business as well as using these insights to help guide your advertising decisions.