Coffee & Catch Up on #PPC With Clix Marketing: Monday, January 24, 2022

This week’s Coffee & Catch Up includes a few more nods to the 2022 forecasts, predictions and trends in digital marketing that are expected to continuing fueling industry growth. Where are you dedicating more time this year in your strategy and tactics? 

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Paid Search

9 Tips To Help Your B2B Google Ads Campaigns Shine: Tired of underperforming B2B Google Ads campaigns? Use these tips to get in front of the right audience and achieve your desired results.

Google Ads Issue Impacted Some Discover and Performance Max Campaigns Between Jan. 18-21: A technical issue impacted serving of ads on YouTube inventory between January 18 and January 21 for some Discovery and Performance Max campaigns, a Google spokesperson has confirmed to Search Engine Land. The issue has been resolved and Google’s ad delivery systems are now working as intended, Google said.

How To Do Keyword Research For Amazon PPC – Back To Basics [PPC Den Podcast]: Everyone wants to talk about keywords because keywords are hot fire flames in the PPC world. This week’s AdBadger episodes discusses the foundations of keyword research for Amazon PPC in 2022 including strategic thinking and techniques – a topic that’s great for both beginners and more advanced PPC-ers who are looking to rearchitect their approach in 2022.

The 19 Best Marketing Strategies for 2022 (That You Can Actually Do): There are some excellent tips in this article for PPC, but also a handful for email, SEO and content marketing to make sure your digital efforts are well-rounded!

Google Ads’ Updated Experiments Page Sheds Campaign Drafts and Adds Experiment Sync: Google Ads is rolling out an updated Experiments page, the company announced last week. In the new Experiments pages, advertisers no longer have to create a separate campaign draft and changes made to the original campaign are automatically synced to the experiment as well.

The Complete Survival Guide to Google Ads for Small Business: Take a look at this article for guidance on how to solve common problems with PPC, like competing with a small budget, building local awareness, driving leads, maximizing ROI and achieving sustainable growth.

Google Ads Launches Placement Reports for Performance Max Campaigns: Google Ads has launched placement reports for Performance Max campaigns, the company confirmed to Search Engine Land last Thursday. Placement reports can be generated to see where ads have served for Performance Max campaigns as well as how many impressions they’ve received.

Paid Social

6 Tips For A Successful B2B Twitter Strategy: Twitter is an important platform for many, especially businesses within the professional services industry. This post shares 6 tips you can implement to result in increased brand awareness, more website traffic, and increasing conversions.

Keep A Close Eye On These 5 Facebook Ad Trends For 2022: Facebook advertising has long been a staple of a modern marketing team’s game plan, as it boasts one of the largest and most diverse audiences on the internet. Businesses stand to greatly benefit if they can tap even a small fraction of this audience. Yet, if there’s any consistency on the platform, it’s that trends ebb and flow each year. What proved effective last year won’t necessarily guarantee success again this year, and marketers must keep their eyes and ears open to stay one step ahead of competitors in the busy digital space.

8 Ways to Improve Instagram Ads Performance: Are your Instagram ads getting too expensive or failing to deliver results? Do you want to improve your campaigns but don’t know where to start? In this article, you’ll find eight ways to leverage your Ads Manager and best practices for a better return on ad spend (ROAS) in your Instagram campaigns.

LinkedIn Ads Boosted Posts, Dark Posts, and Direct Sponsored Content: On LinkedIn, what’s a boosted post? And how is it different from a standard LinkedIn ad? What is direct sponsored content? When should you use them? All these topics and more are covered in this episode of the LinkedIn Ads Show!

TikTok Advertising – 5 Best Practices for In-Feed Ads: So, how should brands be leveraging TikTok in their digital marketing strategy going forward? This article compiles a list of the top five best practices to build optimized creative ad content that will blend in on TikTok users’ feeds while continuing to entice viewers to act and engage with what they are served.

Facebook and Instagram Ad Benchmarks – What Marketers Need to Know: Thinking of doing more with paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram in 2022? Wondering how other marketers are doing things? In this analysis, you’ll discover the current metric and usage benchmarks you need to build a Facebook or Instagram ad strategy that converts in 2022.

Instagram Chronological Order Feed is Back [as an option]: Instagram users have long awaited the return of the chronological feed option, and not only is that back on the table – there are 3 different feed views to choose from. Let’s take a peek at how the feed evolved to where it is today and how the new order options will function.

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