Coffee & Catch Up on #PPC With Clix Marketing: Monday, November 29, 2021

Happy Cyber Monday! If you’re recovering from that long weekend and Black Friday like we are, check out what you may have missed last week over a cup of hot coffee!

From the Experts

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Google Ads App Updated With 3 New Features: Just in time for when many marketers are out of the office for the holidays, Google rolled out updates to its mobile app to make it easier to monitor your campaigns on the go.

4 ways to optimize your responsive search ads: Here’s what Frederick Vallaeys says about improving those pesky RSAs.

16 Great (And Not-So-Great) Thank You Page Examples to Learn From: Thank you pages are important too! Make sure yours isn’t missing something with this deep-dive into real-life examples.

PPC Ponderings Podcast: Listen to Aaron Levy’s Bonus EpisodeLooking for a new PPC-focused podcast? PPC Ponderings is a great one!

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Facebook Lead Generation Forms: New Tools & Best Practices: This post walks through some new features you may have missed in Facebook (have you heard of Conversion Leads?), plus how to configure your CRM for the changes.

LinkedIn: Gen Z Is Our Fastest Growing Audience: As Gen Z becomes a bigger share of the audience on LinkedIn, learn some actionable takeaways on how to best reach this generation.

Facebook’s topic exclusion controls test rolls out to more advertisers: “Topic exclusion controls allow advertisers to exclude ad delivery to users who have engaged with any of the following topics: “News and Politics”, “Social Issues”, and “Crime & Tragedy.” In early tests, the exclusion worked 94-99% of the time.

13 LinkedIn Marketing Tips for More Visibility: This post includes ways to expand your reach through organic and paid efforts.

Why & How to Use Music in Ads (Without Getting Sued!): There are a lot of terms and misconceptions about using music in ads. We appreciated this insightful and thorough post!

The Best Ecommerce Content for Instagram: Here are 7 ways ecommerce accounts are connecting and engaging with followers on Instagram. It can certainly be a delicate balance!

From the Engines


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interest Versus Demographic Targeting: 3 Surprising Factors for Consumer Packaged Goods Brands to Create Breakthrough Digital Ad Campaigns


Watch, Chat, Shop: Live Shopping on Twitter


Is in-store buying making a comeback?


6 Things to know about marketing to Gen Zs on Spotify

From the Clix Team

Understanding Google’s Performance Max Campaigns by Bethany Bey