Coffee & Catch Up on #PPC With Clix Marketing: Tuesday, January 18, 2022

We put a small pause on this week’s Coffee & Catch Up for Martin Luther King Jr. Day – so enjoy this rare Tuesday edition and see what you missed last week in the world of #PPC!

From the Experts

Paid Search

How to Build A Long-Term, Search-First Marketing Strategy: “According to research from Moz, 84% of people use Google at least three times a day, and about half of all product searches start with Google. The way that consumers are engaging with brands is changing, and it’s doing so rapidly.” Learn more about these stats and what it means for your marketing strategy here!

Should You Use Seller Ratings In Your Google Ads Campaigns?: Unfortunately, not every advertiser is eligible to use seller ratings. And while seller ratings technically don’t cost extra, the reality isn’t so simple. Let’s take a closer look at seller ratings in Google advertising so you can decide whether they’re a good addition to your paid search marketing campaigns.

Microsoft Advertising Shopping Campaigns Reporting Enhancements: Microsoft Advertising has added some new enhancements to Shopping campaign reporting, while also expanding some of its other advertising features this month, the company announced. Plus, Microsoft removed the minimum spend requirement to be eligible to use Customer Match targeting.

Setting Up Google’s Performance Max Campaigns: Performance Max campaigns were a primary focus of Google’s Marketing Livestream event last year. Now available to all advertisers, Performance Max shows ads across the Google Search and Display networks via a single campaign. Submitting a product feed, image and text assets, and audience signals enables ads across Google’s inventory. Machine learning models then optimize bids for advertisers’ goals.

Google Ads Releases Disapproved Ads Auditor Tool: This tool is for developers to integrate into their backends and helps you flag and delete policy violating ads across your accounts.

Paid Social

Facebook Ads New Call Out Features and How to Use It: Facebook came up with another exciting new “Call-outs” feature in November 2021. It helps advertisers highlight certain factors that make them unique from others in their ads. For instance, an improved return policy or free shipping. If you want to have a deeper insight into this feature, this guide addresses all of its aspects.

Social Media Usage Statistics For Digital Marketers In 2022: Everyone’s obsessed with social! Check out these social media usage statistics – they’ll blow your mind.

How to Improve Your Lead Quality With LinkedIn Ads: Want to generate better leads with LinkedIn? Wondering how to improve your existing strategy? In this article, you’ll discover audience, objective, and ad tips for an effective lead generation campaign on LinkedIn.

Important Social Advertising Trends, Nano-Influencers, and Social Media Video Statistics: Check out this podcast discussing the opportunities and challenges within social advertising and how automation will play its part.


Five Ways Agencies Can Transform Client Reporting: Check out this compilation of five ways agencies can positively transform the client reporting process to deliver higher quality reports, improved results, and better informed strategies.

Server-Side Tagging – How to Acquire Insights to Drive More Conversions: Even if you are an advanced GTM user, you may still be wondering how can your marketing strategy benefit from server-side tagging. There are a lot of benefits, as well as some potential limitations and drawbacks that one should consider. This blog explains the basics of SST, its benefits and how you can implement it.

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