Being Part of the Solution of Going Into a Cookie-Less World [Clix Speakers Series]

Online SEO conference on July 22 and 23, 2021

The team at Clix is well known for their industry-leading expertise, and the drive to help share that knowledge with fellow marketers is simply in our DNA. We’ll be highlighting upcoming speaking engagements or other interactive opportunities where you can catch up with our folks in our Clix Speakers Series – so stay tuned here for more events like this one!

We have another Clix expert appearing in the conference world, with Anu Adegbola speaking at next month’s BrightonSEO event! 

The BrightonSEO conference series brings together some of the sharpest minds in search for a two-day event to help digital marketers meet one another, learn from shared experiences and collectively do better work. Topics on the agenda cover everything from SEO auditing, link building and content creation to paid social, stress management and diversity & inclusion. There really is a session (or two, or three, or four…) for everyone!

Of course we’re most excited for Anu’s talk on how digital marketers can validate performance of campaigns, as we pivot to an online landscape with diminishing tracking options. As is her tendency, Anu’s going to explain the best ways to address the tough issues of reporting and communicating the value of digital efforts in this challenging time, while also highlighting the silver linings and positive notes surrounding cookie-less marketing.

If you’re planning to attend the BrightonSEO event, grab a ticket and then shoot us a message on Twitter or LinkedIn and let us know you’ll be there so we can virtually network with you!

Here’s what Anu had to share about her upcoming session:

Q1 – What resources have you found to be the most helpful for learning about cookie-less digital marketing? 

Anu: So many online resources. However, one publication source that I fall back on regularly because every time I open their site, they have highlighted another Data Privacy update -is Digi Day. They seem to be the first in letting us know about the new rules, new updates from the platform and how most marketers are feeling about it. I have also found my Twitter colleagues to be an amazing source of information. A few especially are Julie Bacchini of NeptuneMoon, Simon Poulton of Wpromote, Navah Hopkins of JunoUno and Amy Bishop of Cultivative.   

Q2 – Any common misconceptions you’ll plan to address in your talk when it comes to the future of PPC as tracking capabilities evolve? 

Anu: Actually  yes – without giving away too much – most of my talk is to highlight the fact that the people that we think are responsible for getting this conversation going about Data Privacy aren’t just the ad ops or the Data Scientists themselves, but also us. It’s not just about waiting for the client to sort out their data management but we can get involved as well. 

Q3 – What actionable takeaways will attendees leave your session armed with? 

Anu: What are going to be the conversation starters that account managers/marketers can have with their clients/bosses. Basically in what way can you show that you understand what the effects of the data privacy changes already happening are going to be on your accounts. 

Q4 – What part of your presentation are you most excited to share (no big spoilers!)?

Anu: I always end my presentation with a 3/4 bullet point takeaway. That part that – if you’ve forgotten everything I have said – is what is key to remember when you walk out of the room. That slide is a key for me. It’s actually where I start with my slides – “What do I want my takeaways to be”. Then the rest of the slides then get built from that starting point. 

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