Engaged Marketing – What Stands Out About Clix As An Agency

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You didn’t think I’d stay quiet over here for too long, did you?! Before I hop into my inaugural Clix blog post, I want to take a moment to extend a sincere thank you to my teammates, because they have been beyond welcoming and I’ve taken up plenty of their time asking questions. I promise I’m bookmarking everything, folks.

It makes for a fine place to start to explain exactly what I’m doing at Clix in the first place. Mae and the team brought me on board as Director of Sales to:

  • Drive even more prospective new clients our way
  • Assist those prospects & our team through the sales journey together
  • Adapt that selling process to fit changes in the digital marketing industry
  • Evolve existing structures to promote continued client growth

Needless to say, I’m excited to be here and this agency has done a phenomenal job growing over the course of the last twelve years. My goal is to be some sales icing on the cake and do what I do best…obsess over processes and projects that help us stay great. 

As we geared up in Q4 for a fresh year, I took the opportunity to sit in on a handful of client calls and meet with each member of Team Clix one-on-one. I was hoping to hear from both sides of the table about what truly differentiates the work we’re doing for our clients from other agencies, and what I was able to glean was thematic, indeed!

What I’ve Learned From Our Clients

We’re Responsive.

Whether you’re talking about recurring communication or acknowledging swift changes in needs, our clients say we get back to them quickly. Possibly more important is the spectrum of adjustments we’re able to promptly respond to. In the client calls I’ve sat in on so far, I heard discussions about new budget allocations, revising campaign targets/goals, promotional plan modifications, and many more. No matter what, our clients know they can call on us and we’ll come up with a plan of action. And execute on it. Simple as that. 

We’re Dedicated.

After some brief introductions on the client calls I attended, many of our direct contacts wanted to share a brief note with me about their experience with our team – they feel like we are an extension of their own team and they appreciate how much we’ve been willing to adapt and customize our approach to the needs of their accounts. We get to know our clients (both the individuals we work with and the businesses they represent) so that we can provide strategic insights that apply to more than just digital channels under our management. 

We Deliver.

One of the best ways to gauge an agency’s effectiveness is by how much budget growth they see from existing or new clients, and Clix has crushed that curve. Our budget under management increased by about 74% over the course of the last three years! Clients are entrusting us with those expanded budgets because we produce data-driven results that balance tried-and-true methods with consistent testing. I also met at least two existing client contacts who have worked with our team in previous positions or companies they’d worked for. That tells me our work helps us turn into the agency that highly skilled marketers add to their playbook of partners they can trust…and I love that. 

What I’ve Learned From Our Team

Our Experience Is Vast.

The team at Clix has managed accounts in B2C and B2B spaces, across industries requiring full-funnel lead generation and complex eCommerce expertise alike. In chatting with each member of the team, I also learned they have assorted preferences on budget sizes and segments of PPC that get them extra excited (social, video, reporting, client management, etc). These characteristics help make us particularly agile when it comes to working on accounts with varying PPC history, whether we’re starting campaigns for the very first time or taking over an advanced scope of work. The level of experience at Clix is second-to-none, and speaking of…

We Take Thought Leadership Really Seriously.

You can find members of our team blogging in a variety of places, speaking (virtually or otherwise) at numerous events throughout the year, and you’ll see them appear in lists that highlight digital marketing’s most influential experts consistently. As the person taking new client inquiries that come in, I can also tell you that we’re teaching a ton of folks how to do PPC from our own blog weekly, making us the dependable thought leaders many teams choose to work with when/if an agency partner becomes necessary.  

We Do What’s Right, Not What’s Easy.

I asked all my new teammates what makes the work we’re doing at Clix so special, and their answers certainly followed a pattern. Frankly, we’re a group that will always go the extra mile to help our clients, and we know sometimes that means being advocates of healthy debate over strategy. If our experience tells us that a slightly different approach to a proposed campaign target would garner better results – we’ll provide recommendations on how to revise the plan prior to implementation. Ultimately our clients are in control of all final decision-making when it comes to their accounts, but we know long-term partnerships are built on trust, and much of that trust is gained through fulfilling our duty to share knowledge. Our average client tenure of 3 years tells us we’re right about that. 

Boiling all this down, I can see why our clients work with us time after time, year after year, and send awesome new referrals our way all the time. Our people are enthusiastic about digital marketing and the companies they work with, but they also don’t pretend to be robots who never sleep. There is still so much for me to learn, but the one thing I can say with confidence is that the Clix crew is a mighty force of PPC skill, and the work we’re going to do together in 2021 will be meaningful to our clients (and our own brand) for years to come. 

I plan to be making frequent stops here on the blog to share more of our client-side successes, and some general sales know-how to shake up our content a bit, so stay tuned and be sure to let me know if you have any topics you’d like to see me cover! And obviously if the above sounds like exactly the kind of team you’re looking for, give me a shout (kayla@clixmarketing.com) and we’ll set up some time to chat!

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter…I like to make new friends!