Expand Your Reach with Actalike Audiences on Pinterest

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Pinterest | 0 comments

In this article, I’ll show you how to create an actalike audience in your Pinterest Ads account, along with some tips for audiences you can test.

Creating an Actalike Audience

You can base an actalike audience off of any existing audience you’ve set up that’s large enough to target. Types of audiences can include website retargeting, customer list, and engagement-based audiences.

To make an actalike audience, navigate to the Audiences section of your ad account and select “Create Audience.”

Next, you’ll see a list of options for audience types you can create. Select the “actalike audience” option.

On the following screen, you can add a name and description for your audience. Then, select a source audience for your actalike.

Finally, at the bottom, you can choose the country for your actalike (note that you’ll need to set up separate actalike audiences for each country if you’re targeting internationally).

Then, select a percentage for how broadly you want to match audience characteristics. A lower percentage will contain a more closely related audience, while higher percentages will encompass more individuals. You’ll see a size estimate for each percentage point.

Actalike Audiences to Test

What actalike audiences should you run in your account? While, ultimately, every brand may see different audiences work better than others, here are a few ideas for audiences you can base actalikes off of:

  • A customer list of people who have made high value purchases
  • An uploaded list of people who have engaged with higher funnel content (such as downloading a Buyer’s Guide or attending a webinar)
  • A website retargeting list of people who have completed a purchase on your site
  • A retargeting list of people who have reached a “thank you” page on your site for submitting a sales quote inquiry form
  • An list of people who have engaged with your Pinterest brand page

Start Testing!

If you haven’t yet tried actalike audiences in your account, brainstorm some potential source audiences, and start testing! Start with a narrow 1% match, and if you see that audience working well, expand to broader percentages.

Have you tested Pinterest actalike audiences? What types of audiences and tactics have you seen work best? Let us know in the comments below!