Super Bowl LVII Pre-Game Ad Round Up

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Case Study | 0 comments

The Super Bowl is the biggest event for big brand advertising, and we’ve seen a lot of evolution with the big day in football’s strategy of marketing outside of just day-of-airtime. On a day that is one of the only times viewers are engaged in advertising, a lot of companies are now releasing their ads or sneak-peeks to get fans even more excited to see what’s next on the actual day. Not only is this a smart ecosystem marketing approach, it’s utilizing content, hours of photo and video editing and pushing it out in an ultimately ‘free’ way, for that extra push of brand awareness. 

A common theme amongst most that we have seen so far was the prevalence of nostalgia, with brands utilizing familiar characters from household TV show names and movies sparking interests with the familiarity of the person, show, etc. We’ve wrapped up some of our favorites below:

A cult classic that wrapped up airing years ago still produces a chuckle or two staying true to the show while incorporating the PopCorners brand.


Along the same lines, staying close to a classic like the 90’s favorite movie, Clueless, the brand Rakuten uses the main character, Cher staying on brand and in character while utilizing the brand in modern day. As one of my personal favorites, this one really made me look further into the brand that honestly I had never heard of prior to seeing this ad.


Sarah Mclachlan brings back her widely-recognized “you’re awake at 12 midnight and can’t sleep” infomercial for SPCA Animal Cruelty awareness from the 90’s and 2000’s nostalgia with Busch Light beer.

We even see Michelob Ultra paying tribute to the 80’s favorite film, CaddyShack and playing up the big theme of sports utilizing Serena Williams and Tony Romo:

Let us know which Super Bowl ad was your favorite this year in the comments below!