[The Inaugural] Coffee & Catch Up on #PPC With Clix Marketing: Monday, November 1, 2021

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Coffee & Catch Up with Clix Marketing! Our goal for this weekly post is to help you start your Mondays off on the right foot with a recap of what happened last week in #PPC.

From the Experts

Paid Search

The Ultimate Google Ads Pacing Dashboard (Free Data Studio Template): Use this template to create a useful pacing dashboard in Data Studio.

11 Legitimately Scary PPC Stats Every Advertiser Should Know (+Survival Tips): Halloween might be over, but these stats are still true.

Apple spent $64.8 million  on paid search in 2020, ranking 12th overall: This post includes a very interesting chart about which companies spent the most on paid search ads in 2020.

What Kind of Content Appears in Google DiscoverAs one of the more elusive organic ecosystems, I’m sure you have wondered this too. This deep-dive will answer a lot of your questions as the author gathered his own data from February 2021 to July 2021.


In 2022, retailers will lose half of sales on backordered items unless they compensate with experience, according to Forrester: Pandemic-era services like curbside pickup, senior shopping hours and flexible flight changes are things that customers will likely want to keep.

Pin down your holiday season strategy like a bossIntegrate Pinterest into your holiday planning.

Success on social this holiday season: Data-led recommendations to win at Facebook and beyond:

Paid Social

Top Facebook Updates You Can’t Miss (October 2021 Edition)This is one of our favorite month-end posts that recaps the recent Facebook updates. PPC pros should definitely know that Facebook is working on a “work account” option for advertisers which would allow social media managers to access Business Manager separately from their personal account.

How to Choose the Right Facebook Ads Bidding StrategyIdentify the right bidding strategy for your goals with this guide.

The Top 10 New Instagram Features of 2021 (+ One to Look Out For!): If you advertise on Instagram, it’s worth making sure you know about all of these updates that have happened in 2021.


YouTube ads are the breakout star of Google’s Q3 earnings reportYouTube advertising revenues reached $7.2 billion, which was an increase of 43% from the previous quarter.

YouTube warns creators it will start to demonetize low-quality kids’ videos next month: Starting this month, YouTube will enforce new monetization policies, which could impact creators’ eligibility for or possible removal from the YouTube Partner Program.

From the Engines


Founder’s Letter, 2021

Introducing Meta: A Social Technology Company


Our responsibility approach to protecting kids and families on YouTube


Brush Up on LinkedIn Ads and Get Certified as an Expert


Get to know the evolving luxury shopper


Commerce on Quora


Audience Campaigns: These Dashboard Updates Will Make Your Life Easier


Highlights for advertisers from Spotify’s Q3 2021 earnings


Lead Generation with CRM integration enables seamless lead management

From the Clix Blog

How to Create “Excellent” Ad Strength RSAs in Bulk for Google Ads by Mike Nelson

Thoughts on the Changing PPC Landscape by Tim Jensen