What You Need to Know About Pinterest Conversion Campaigns

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A short while ago, Pinterest announced the addition of a new campaign objective: conversion optimization.

All previous campaign types were based on click optimization.

Conversion targeting works as Pinterest predicts the likelihood of your conversion action happening within your time window and shifts bidding to meet your CPA criteria. This is a great campaign type to test if you want to increase your conversions and see if you can improve CPAs from what you are seeing from your other campaign types. If your focus in on your brand or increasing awareness, then most likely you’d need to test a softer conversion action such as newsletter sign-up.

Pinterest Conversion Action Types

Your conversion action can be any action as determined by your event code. A few ideas for conversion actions include:

  1. Checkout
  2. Add to Cart
  3. Sign-Up
  4. Lead
  5. Video watches
  6. Custom

This means you also need Pinterest event codes for your desired conversion action placed on your site. Please note that your base Pinterest pixel alone is not enough but you also need the base code in addition to your event code(s).

Here is a link to sample event codes that you might be able to leverage for your own needs. Once you have your event codes in place, you can use the Pinterest tag helper chrome extension to verify that they are firing correctly.

Specifics for Pinterest Conversion Campaigns

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before creating your campaigns:

  1. You can use Promoted Pins, Promoted Carousels or Promoted Videos with conversion campaigns.
  2. You cannot use the conversion objective for shopping or app install campaigns.
  3. Minimum of 50 conversions 7/7/1 window per week (click / engagement / view).
  4. Five conversion window options: 30/30/1; 7/7/1; 7/0/0; 1/1/1; 1/0/0
  5.  Make sure your product, offer or desired outcome is clearly shown using strong, crisp and clear images.
  6. Use a mobile-friendly landing page with your call-to-action clearly identified and easily completed.
  7. Maintain consistency in your messaging, tone and feel between your pin and your landing page.

Creating Pinterest Conversion Campaigns

The process is the same for these campaigns as others.

When you create a new campaign, just simply choose conversions for your campaign objective. You’ll get a warning if your events code isn’t enabled correctly or if it isn’t eligible for a conversion tracking campaign.

Considerations for Pinterest Conversion Campaigns

Let’s go over a few things you should keep in mind as you launch, monitor and refine your campaigns.

  1. Give your campaigns a little room. As with any conversion based campaign, they need time to learn. This means you might initially see CPCs and CTRs that are a little out of line with what you normally see.
  2. If you’re able to, for the initial learning phase, increase your bids slightly over where you would normally set them to help give Pinterest the space it needs to learn and optimize. You can always scale back later.
  3. Always test more than one pin, but preferably 3-5 pins per ad set.
  4. If/when you make changes, make small adjustments incrementally. Meaning, you can’t go crazy to try to scale efforts that are going well because you’ll throw off the algorithms and your results might not scale the way you want them too.

It’s too soon for us to share how these campaigns are performing so far, but stay tuned that for our findings. If you are looking for more information about Pinterest Ads, then you might find some of these other posts helpful.

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Have you tried Pinterest Conversion Campaigns yet? What has your experience been so far? Comment below to share!