10 Lessons Learned about Paid Search

Despite a nasty head cold and a poorly-designed phone, I presented 10 PPC Lessons yesterday (25-March) in my first Search Marketing Now webcast. Sponsored by Marin Software, the session described 10 of my favorite PPC tips and techniques. You can listen to the archived version here.

Update: Here are the slides:

In other news:

  • Our Facebook group PPC Pro People passed the 600-member mark yesterday. Come see why!
  • In a few weeks we’ll kick off a new weekly radio show, “PPC Rockstars,” broadcast by WebmasterRadio.fm. Every Monday from 4-5 PM Eastern time (GMT-5), I’ll interview some of the biggest names in PPC, and spend half the show taking questions from callers and providing specific advice to help them optimize their PPC campaigns, landing pages and conversion processes. Watch this space for the debut date.