18 PPC Tasks to Visit in Your Spare Time

by | Nov 16, 2022 | Agency Life | 0 comments

In managing PPC accounts, there are a ton of things digital marketers have to do all the time for our clients. However, there are times when we do get caught up. There are also times when some clients (non-eCommerce ones) tend to slow down in later Q4 before the big ramp-up in Q1. So, if you find yourself with some spare time in general, or over the holidays, and you’re looking for ideas of things to do, then check out our Clix checklist of tasks. We limited it to 18 to keep with our theme for this month as we celebrate Clix’s 18th anniversary this month. We’re hoping it also helps give you some motivation to do something new or look more into something old, for your accounts.

18 PPC Tasks to Visit in Your Spare Time (in no particular order):

  1. Write a blog post or an extra one – could be for your company’s blog or one to submit to another publication’s blog.
  2. Gather industry updates for your top channels or industry verticals to share with your team and/or your clients.
  3. Take a certification/training course for any Search or Social channel.
  4. Ask your team where you can pitch in to help or audit other accounts.
  5. Review your account maintenance task checklist and see if anything is missing or outstanding.
  6. Post, comment, and/or share on Twitter or LinkedIn. There are so many powerful nuggets shared for PPC on those channels, you won’t regret taking the extra time on them or using it to keep up with your connections. 
  7. Read the latest #PPCChat tweets on Twitter or ICYMI posts at https://officialppcchat.com/.
  8. Revisit some of your client reporting templates to see if anything is outdated or could be updated with other metrics/charts/etc to be more useful.
  9. Explore expansion opportunities for your clients, whether they are new channels or new efforts in existing ones.
  10. Do a longer look back at in-channel results to see what other optimizations you can make.
  11. Write new ad copy for one of your clients or one you don’t work on (fresh sets of eyes really help).
  12. Update character documents, image sizes, linking instructions, or other commonly used documents that are frequently provided to clients. These are always changing and could constantly use a refresh.
  13. Audit your negatives at all levels. Just like Search terms evolve, so do those terms as negatives. A negative that was added years ago might actually be relevant now.
  14. Brainstorm new testing or experiment opportunities since you have a little time to be more proactive and can keep some in your back pocket for future use.
  15. Update any existing competitor analyses you did more than a year ago or complete one if you haven’t already! Put your Search terms in and look at other ads while you’re at it!
  16. Review conversion tracking to make sure everything is working as it should. Too many times, this has inadvertently broken for one reason or another and no one realized it soon enough. Doesn’t hurt to check in on setups, compare them across channels to make sure everything is consistent, compare numbers to what the client has shared (or Analytics), etc.
  17. Play around in Universal Analytics or GA4, especially if you haven’t spent much time in there yet! You might find some great data to share or use to implement changes.
  18. Look at your calendar and plan ahead for the next week as best as you can. Start any reports, call notes or other documents that will need to be done sometime in the future but some components could be done now. Next week you will thank this week you!

There are a few ideas to get you going or spark some other ideas of your own to keep your account work and team as up-to-date and as sharp as can be!