Build a Framework for Success With Dynamic Ads: My #SMX West Deck

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In case you didn’t know already, SMX West was last week in sunny San Jose, CA. As with any conference worth its salt, SMX provided much to learn and much to share! For my part, I had the honor of participating on 4 different panels through the course of the week (thanks again to the SMX crew!). I got things started off last Tuesday with the Dynamic Ads panel where I shared the stage with Sahil Jain from AdStage.

My presentation covered a wide swath of the dynamic ads landscape. On the easier side of things, I discussed Google AdWords countdown ads and how DKI is the grandfather of dynamic ads. From there, things became more complicated – and AWESOME. I spent time breaking down what is required to run e-commerce Dynamic Product Ads in AdWords and Facebook Ads. From there it was all about feed-based dynamic ads: ad customizers for search and image/text Dynamic Display Ads for the Google Display Network.

This presentation’s intent was to open minds to the unique opportunities dynamic ads provide when dealing with large amounts of data inputs. This is an exciting and expanding part of the digital advertising landscape and I only imagine this panel will get bigger at each subsequent conference!